Wednesday, July 5, 2017

OOTD: 4th of July 2017

Hey everyone! I count Independence Day as the beginning of Summer (so does most of America I suppose), and I was able to spend the day with some friends. The 4th of July is filled with American Flags, Barbeques, music, and tons of memes. On television, there was a hotdog eating contest at Coney Island. A few of my friends and I went to a roof top to watch the sunset before going to the East River to watch fireworks.

                                             My outfit:
                                             One shoulder dress- American Eagle Outfitters
                                             Shoes - Adidas Stan Smiths $60

We waited for the firework show to start for over an hour and I might've been so annoying to the people around me that a couple moved away from my friends and I. My reasoning was that it was a public place so it was completely fine for me to start clapping when the show started or when any bright colors came. My friends and I might've also sang songs like: Party in the USA, Firework, and I'm Proud to Be an American...

When we are on the rooftop, we had a view of the whole entire city. The sunset was super beautiful, and it felt like a perfect summer night.

                                         Here's a picture of Aubrey and I sitting on the roof.

It was very nice to see my friends and spend this holiday with them.

I hope all my Americans out there had a nice Independence Day. Although the country isn't perfect, it was a day to celebrate the freedoms our country was based off and acknowledge that we have ton more work to do. I was glad to spend it with my friends.

Happy 4th of July (one day late!)

                                                         Christina Madeleine


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  1. I have been following your blog for a very long time now and I really think you have an amazing sense of style. Talking about Independence Day, even we had a get together in an event space where everybody wore different style of dresses from different eras. It was an amazing day.



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