Friday, August 2, 2019

OOTD: Summer Outfit for a Birthday Party

Hey everyone! Happy August! I am officially done with my summer courses, so that means I will be back on here with plenty of content. Last month, was my friend, Alexa's birthday, and I decided to try out a new outfit. The day before, I went to some local boutiques in my neighborhood to pick out some original pieces.

 My Outfit:
Tropical cropped shirt - Mixx Boutique $60 (a set that has matching shorts with it)
Tight Skirt with lace end - Cue Boutique $45
Espadrilles - Target $32

For the outfit, I "straightened" my hair. It's not pin-straight, but I love the look of wavy hair especially with my current shade. Since it's July, cropped tops and skirts are all the rage.

I wanted this outfit to be unique but stylish. I am very into patterns, Hawaiian shirts, and button-downs lately. When I saw the matching set, I knew I had to buy it. Although I haven't seen the last two seasons of Stranger Things, I know El (11?) is also really into crazy color button-down shirts, and I would love to copy her style. I feel like every girl should have a black skirt and a black dress, and I currently only have one of those essentials, so I am super excited to pair more bodysuits and shirts to skirt. I did end up going dancing after the birthday party, I switched into a gray tighter shirt with the black skirt (as it's high waisted), and loved that outfit too.

What are your favorite shops?

Christina Madeleine



  1. Happy August to you as well, and a belated happy birthday to Alexa!
    Your hair colour, the tropical print and colour of your cropped Mixx Boutique shirt, and the black lace-trimmed Cue Boutique mini-skirt you styled it with all look very pretty. You styled a very attractive outfit and looked fabulous wearing it for Alexa's birthday! I love the photo of the four of you enjoying each others' company. I haven't been outfit piece shopping in a while, so I'm hesitant to make any recommendations for places to shop at the moment.
    It sounds like you ad a lot of fun at the birthday party!

  2. Cute outfit!! Loving the hair and espadrilles especially :) Seems like you had fun at the party!



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