Monday, May 19, 2014

Spring/ Summer 2014 Haul

Hey everyone!   I went shopping in Soho over the weekend with my birthday money and boy did I buy a lot of things.   I went to American Apparel, PINK, Sephora, Forever 21, and Brandy Melville.   When I was in American Apparel, the craziest thing happened!   Troian Bellisario who plays Spencer Hastings on Pretty Little Liars was there.   I, sadly, didn't get a picture but I was freaking out.   She is so beautiful in person.   I am going to show a few things I got, the rest you will either see either in my Summer Lookbooks (which will be posted next week hopefully!) or in my upcoming posts. 

The first thing I got was a Brandy Melville bralette.   I got asked the question, "What is the use of a bralette?"   For me, Brandy Melville bralettes are really comfortable and they are good for shirts that are sheer.   Also if you are wearing an open back shirt/dress, or a cropped muscle t-shirt they are good. It is sold for $19.00  at Brandy Melville and comes in black too.

The next thing I got from Brandy Melville was a blue flannel shirt.  I was in need of a flannel shirt because they are so comfortable and you can wear them open or buttoned and they still look good.   I like to style with sweats, leggings, and jeans.   It was $35.

I had so many gift cards to use at Forever 21 so I bought $90 worth of clothes with only paying a balance of $5 dollars.  You should have seen the cashier's face!   This is one of my favorite things I got on Saturday.   It was $19.80 and it fits really nicely and I loved it.  You will definitely see this dress in my  lookbook.

I have so many pairs of high waisted shorts, so I needed a pair of regular shorts.   Floral is the Summer pattern of 2014 so I thought these shorts were really cute.  They fit very well and they are cute with light and bright colors.   These shorts were $19.80 from Forever 21.

This crop top is from Forever 21 for $10.80 and it is pretty and great for Summer.   I would pair this with either shorts or a skirt depending how you want to dress for the day.  Stores like American Apparel sell shirts like this, but if you want a version of it for less, it is definitely worth it to get it at Forever 21.

I got a new bathing suit from PINK.   I have never bought a bathing suit from PINK for some reason.   I have gotten new bikinis from Target.   I know it sounds weird but Target has really cute bathing suits for a good price.   PINK ones are really great too.   For tops they make sure it fits you by finding your actual size.   Since PINK is a store by Victoria's Secret they make sure everything fits well.   PINK is also doing this new promotion with the black bandeau top I bought.   If you get any swimwear, the bandeau is $10 dollars instead of the normal price of $32.   When I found this out, I got bottoms that are black with white pineapples.  Black goes with many things.   It matches with my other new bathings suits (I'll show them soon!) and it was $10 so it was a good price.   If you spend $75  at PINK for this promotion you get a free towel, and I did.

The last thing I am going to show for now is my new cropped muscle t-shirt.  It says Cali on it, as in California.   Despite living in America, I am on the East Coast and California is on the West Coast so it is 3,000 miles away.   I hope to visit it soon though, I would love to go there.   This shirt was from Forever 21 $12.80.

Keep a watch out for my new posts coming soon!   What do you think of what I got?   What is your Summer must-have piece of clothing?



Friday, May 16, 2014

OOTD: 5.3.14

Hey everyone, I know it has been a while. But, I am going to start doing more posts each week again. This month has been crazy busy for me. It was my birthday on May 8,  so I am officially 14. I will do a post on what I got soon. I also have been busy with school trips and dances. Next month I have my last dance recital at my studio. *tears* I also graduate from middle school next month, so that's exciting. Basically I have a lot of things planned which means even more blogposts to talk about.

This outfit I am wearing I got from American Apparel. This outfit was for a school dance I had at my school. I would post photos from the dance, but a few people would get mad at me.

My outfit:

American Apparel- Denim Circle Skirt
American Apparel-  Striped Crop top
American Apparel- over the knee black socks
Doc Martens

My original plan was to straighten my hair. I didn't have enough time nor knowledge on how to straighten my very curly hair. It came out like beach waves and I was fine with that.

Two of my friends and me just taking photos in the bathroom. The girl in the turquoise will be in a few of my next blogposts because of what we have planned.

The night was a lot of fun. A few embarrassing moments happened but oh well. I got to dance with a bunch of friends. It is going to be so different when I don't go to school with these kids anymore.

More posts soon!

I promise



Sunday, May 4, 2014


Hey everyone! This is really exciting news. A year ago on May 3, 2013 I created this blog. Yes, I didn't post daily for a long time. I physically created this blog a year ago. In the most recent years I have been more interested in fashion and I experimented a lot with makeup. I have always loved writing. When I was 11 and 12 I made a Hunger Games blog and a fashion blog with two girls in my class. Those blogs have been abandoned for sometime now.

A little over a month ago I got more involved with the blogging world. I joined a blogging network with other teenage bloggers and I made some friends that way. I have also been working with brands and you'll see that really soon. I have started to love the blogging world. I get to take some pretty cool photos and it has helped me as a person. The comments and emails I  receive make me so happy and I love it so much.

This post is basically a thank you for all the support that I have received in the last two months. We are getting close to my goal for my birthday which was 5,000 views. My 14th birthday is May 8, so that is so exciting.

Thank you to all of my followers I wouldn't know what I would do without you guys.

New posts this week!




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