Thursday, January 24, 2019

Second Semester Planning & Schedule

Happy Thursday! I've been getting back into the grind of school, so on Sunday I wasn't able to post, but here I am still on schedule (sticking with posts Sunday and/or Thursday). I've now made it a week and a half into my new semester of college. As you know, my first semester was rather rough (check that out with my posts: " Thoughts and Ramblings of a First Semester College Freshman and Whats Happened to Me in the First Month of College ). Not to dwell too much on my first semester, but I already have such a better feeling about this new semester! I was able to make my schedule myself opposed to last semester where they just gave it to me.

Here's what classes I am taking and what time's (it's slightly hard to wake up at times, but I love it).

Western Civilization (Semester 2 out of 4)
In my previous posts, I've mentioned Development of Western Civilization (or 'Civ' as everyone at Providence College calls it). This course is mandatory for every student to take, which makes the school very unique to others. It's four semesters and this semester is more focused on the Enlightenment and the high middle ages. I am currently reading The Two Lives of Charlemagne and The Song of Roland for this class. My first-semester experience with Civ was very positive, but I changed to a different team of teachers, so I still have to adjust.
My class times are Mondays (8:30am-10:20am), and Tuesday/Thursday (8:30-9:20).
This is my only class on Thursday's! So I have the day free to do work and catch up on all my readings for class.

Intro to Literature
On top of my core curriculum- my college makes us fulfill proficiencies (this course would fulfill an Intensive Writing-1), but I am also taking this course because I definitely needed to take an English class again. I am planning on pursuing a minor in writing, and this course is the first step in doing so. We are currently reading The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, and I am so excited to be reading it again, and possibly doing a book review on it. Other books we are planning to read are Long Day's Journey into Night by Eugene O'Neill and Sula by Toni Morrison. We are also doing units on poetry and writing, which I am absolutely excited for!
My class times are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays (9:30am-10:20am)

Elementary Italian 101
My father's side of the family is Italian, and my mother's side is Irish-American; so, I've never been completely exposed to the language or culture from Italy before. I have been able to meet and skype with family from Italy, but I finally wanted to be able to learn the language. I love learning languages and I would ultimately one day want to be able to speak Italian, Spanish, and French (which I have no knowledge of ). I've been a bit nervous in class because I want to respond in Spanish, but overall I am excited to be taking a language course again. I've been even contemplating studying abroad in Italy my Junior year of college.
My class times are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays (10:30am-11:20am)

Microeconomics 101
Since I am part of the business school (Marketing major!), it's part of the Business core to take both macroeconomics and microeconomics. Last semester, I took macroeconomics and I loved that class, My teacher was so fun, and I found that I could easily comprehend the material. There was even a point in time that I considered changing my major to Economics, but alas I decided to stay in the Business school. Micro is a bit less exciting than macro, but the material is very useful. Economics helps you have a better understanding of political financial decisions and what's overall better for the economy. I recommend taking a basics course, but also Khan Academy and other free websites have great videos about the subject.
My class times are Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays (2:30pm-3:20pm)

Managerial Accounting 
Accounting has been one of my worst struggles in college. Accounting is another requirement to fulfill in the Business school (one semester Financial and one semester Managerial), and it's the hardest subject for me to grasp. My teacher is very helpful (and even make YouTube videos), and he explains everything very clearly, yet when I am on my own I can't seem to do the problems. This is definitely the subject I am going to have to put the most time and effort into. My father also studied Finance and Accounting in college, so he is always a Facetime away.
My class times are Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays (1:30pm-2:20pm)

Data Applications in Business (DAB)
This course is also a requirement for the Business school, and it's to make students proficient in Microsoft word and excel. It's definitely a skill that's worthy to learn.
My class time is Tuesdays 12:30pm-2:15pm

So... my schedule is a bit busy! Last semester, I felt as if I wasted so much time because I wouldn't have my first classes until 10:00 or 10:30 in the morning. Now, I have an 8:30 or 9:30 every day and I've been enjoying my day more. I'll wake up, make a coffee in my Keurig, and then go to breakfast before class. I also find myself planning my schedule a lot more for the week because I have my classes more frequently now. A downside is there are about three days a week where I will have four classes, but it never feels overwhelming.

I've also been making a goal for myself to go to the gym because I am more focused on taking care of myself this semester. I think going 3-5 times a week would be ideal and going to Zumba and Yoga classes, but also using the cardio and strength machines. Last week, I had gone to the gym three times and I already felt better than I had the month I stayed at home. Also, I've been sleeping better because of my hectic days + making time to workout. Although I go to bed between 10:45pm and 11:30pm I still am able to get up and feel awake (except for a few days where you can find me taking a nap in my dorm room between my last class and choir) and stay awake for most of the day with a little help of my water bottle and coffee.

I'm trying my best to achieve my resolutions, and I have the motivation so far.
What are some tips that you have to utilize your day? or to remain/get healthy? How are your resolutions going, if you have any?

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Sunday, January 13, 2019

A Quick Trip to the Met

Happy Sunday! On January 9, I was back on the Upper East Side and decided to go to one of my favorite places in the world...the Metropolitan Museum of Art! My friend, Aubrey, and I wanted to go there since it had been a while, and we were both heading to college soon (only 45 minutes apart from each other!). If you don't know, I used to go to high school right across the street from the Met, and during that time I've fostered a great love for the museum.

 My favorite exhibits in the museum are the Greek and Roman statues, Temple of Dendur, French & Italian paintings, the American Wing, and the Japanese art. In art history class, I was able to learn about the artists and types of art, and all about the time period, they were created in. A fun fact I learned in high school is that most of the marble statues in the room that I am shown in above are not the original statues, but marble replicas of bronze statues that were melted down in Rome. These marble replicas of Greek statues were recreated by Romans. The original bronze sculptures were created in first to third century B.C, but the marble statues were created between 2-5 century A.D. If you ever come to the Met, I recommend coming to this gallery!

 Of course, you have to take photos by the glass windows in the Temple of Dendur!

One of the rooms used for the Met Gala each year is the Temple of Dendur, so technically speaking, some of your favorite stars have been in this room. I love coming to this exhibit because it's super spacious, and has the real Temple that was from Egypt (you can even walk in it), and a sphinx. You have to walk through the Egyptian section of the Met to get to it, and on one of the walls is the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

 I've been to the Metropolitan Museum of Art probably around 100 times between art history courses, spontaneous visits, bringing foreign friends, and events. Aubrey and I have even realized how accustomed we are to being there that we sometimes forget that we are even in a museum. If you ever catch me there you can most likely hear me talking about how crazy it is that humans made this art, spinning around while talking about how cool history is, or trying to make the security guards laugh or talk to me by saying absurd comments about the art. It's all in good fun though :)

Aubrey and I spent some time in the American Wing (and the cafe within it). I have come to this room so many times, and I still never get tired of it. There is a skylight, so we sat there eating broccoli & cheddar soup (we had a coupon!) from the cafe and talking while within the walls of a beautiful museum. Although I wouldn't recommend always coming to the Met to eat because there are a ton of other places to go in the area, it was a nice treat!

Thanks for reading! There should be another post coming up about other things I did while back home for Winter Break. Have you ever been to the Met? What was your favorite exhibit?

Christina Madeleine

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Sunday, January 6, 2019

Dorm Tour *Freshman Year at Providence College*

Hey everyone! With school starting up again soon, I wanted to show you all what my dorm room looks like! As you know, I am currently a freshman and I will be entering my second semester on January 14. I still want to decorate my dorm a bit more, but this is what my roommate and I have.

*sorry that the photos are a bit blurry, I can update this post eventually with more high definition pictures*

The dorm I am in has cork boards already installed so I printed out some photos to put up on it. I also pin notes my friends have given to me, letters, and papers that I for events on campus. My poster is the album cover of Unknown Pleasures by Joy Division. To the left (where my scarf is hung up), is a small closet that I hang up my clothes in, keep extra towels, tide pods, and shoes. My shelf was $25 from Amazon and I built it myself during Columbus Day Weekend.

On the top shelf, I keep my record player, and a cup cozy. The second shelf I keep a teddy bear that is wearing the 'M' from my high school's name. I keep half my records on that shelf (and the rest at my house). The bottom shelf, which is not shown, has my textbooks and reading books.

There are three girls dorms for freshmen, and I am the only that's all-doubles (meaning I have one roommate). But by default, I am in the smallest dorm and have a twin size bed that's lofted. I have to catapult myself onto the bed or use the radiator to get up on to it.
My comforter: PBTeen
Good Vibes Sign (Blue LED): Bath, Bath, and Beyond
Clothesline for Pictures: Bath, Bath, and Beyond
Maroon Blanket: Either BJ's or Costco

The lighting is very dark in my room, so on weekends, I keep the blue lights from my sign on. I am on the eighth floor, and you can see that my dorm room is blue from the ground. I also keep up a Providence College hockey flag.

Between my roommate and I's beds, we have our mini fridge/freezer and our microwave. We originally had a television, but we got rid of it since we didn't want to block our pretty nice view of Providence. I bought the microwave from Target for around $35. We keep bowls and water bottles on there usually. We keep cups and utensils in the fridge caddy.

I took these pictures right before I left for winter break because I wanted to post up about my dorm before I come back and inevitably make my side a mess. Under my bed, I have two sets of drawers to keep clothes in, baskets for shoes, and then huge gray containers to keep other miscellaneous and extra items. When my roommate and I are actually living in this room (notice my bags are there), we keep boxes of food by the fridge for us to microwave and such. We also have desks that are against our beds that we use the back of as headboards but is very spacious. I don't usually like to do work in the room because I rather work in the student center, great room, or library; but it does come in handy to have a desk.

On my roommate's side, we have more storage that we use for snacks and drinks, and on top of that, we have a set up for our Keurig. This comes in handy for when the Dunkin Donuts on campus is closed, or it's 10 at night and all you want is a cup of tea. My friends on other floors even come to use the coffee machines sometimes if they need caffeine.

Despite dorming in such a small room, I have made this area my space. I like coming back to the room and knowing I can take a nap or just decompress for a bit. One reason, I try to not do work in my dorm is to make it an area I can relax in and not be stressed. I sometimes will study in there, but I don't do homework if I can help it. My roommate and I live really well together and even coordinated our room to have a theme of turquoise, blue, gray, and white.

In the coming semester, I can try to do more of an updated dorm room tour (with better pictures), but thanks for checking out this post!

What is your college dorm room like if you are at college? or what was it like? Did you/do you have more than one roommate? What is your dream dorm room like?

Leave a comment!
Christina Madeleine



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