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Introducing Myself after Seven Years of This Fashion Girl

Hi Everyone! Hopefully, you've noticed...but I've officially changed my blog name from 'This Fashion Girl' to Christina Madeleine. Prior to my last post that you can read here, I had taken about seven months off from blogging which included most of the pandemic, my 20th birthday, and my seven-year blog anniversary. This month, I decided I wanted to change the direction of the blog so that I can feel more passionate about it.  I wanted to talk about myself so that new and old viewers will learn more about the person behind the blog.

What's the story behind your blog? 

On May 3, 2013 (about five days before I turned 13), I created 'This Fashion Girl' after being inspired by the YouTubers I was watching, and the Disney Channel Movie 'Frenemies' which featured Zendaya and Bella Thorne as teenagers who create a really popular digital fashion magazine. I didn't have any cameras and still had a Blackberry at the time, so YouTube was not the platform I started out with (I'm slightly thankful a 13-year-old version of me isn't living there either). I have always loved writing, and I felt like blogging was the best option for me. 

I started out writing about Bethany Mota, outfits from American Eagle, Urban Outfitters records, Essie nail polish, One Direction, and everything that screams 2013, 2014, and 2015 girl that goes on Tumblr. I love that era of fashion and music, and I know it's not that long ago, but I definitely embody it better as a 20-year-old than I did when I was a young teenager. I was finishing sixth grade when I started my blog, and now I'm a rising junior in college; so there's been lots of changes in content over the years. 

When I was in high school, my posts changed more towards activism (as I started learning more about feminism and politics), book reviews, outfits of the day, and life updates. Although I loved my high school experience, I was always constantly learning about myself in my daily life (from friendships I had to the hobbies I picked up). Now that I'm two years removed from it, I feel like I can talk more clearly about my experiences and would love to share more about that. My blog in high school made me proud, but also I was always too scared to post what I really wanted because of the fear of being negatively talked about. 

My college experience has not come easy to me, and I faced so much drama and academic hardships in my first two years that have really forced me to grow. As a rising junior, I  have become passionate about fashion, business, writing, politics, and so much more that I am ready to start blogging about. Being a college student is a huge part of my identity right now, and I want to really bring the experience to my readers, but also talk about the things in my life that bring me joy. 

What do you study at college? What activities are you apart of?

I am a Marketing and English double-major at Providence College. I originally went into my freshman year as a just a Marketing major, but after talking to the Career Center I realized that I wasn't completely happy in the business school. Instead of dropping the major, I decided to continue with it for at least another semester...and that's when I took English 175 - Introduction to Literature and realized I wanted to study English/Writing as well. In March of 2019, I walked into the head of the English department's office with the intention of declaring a minor in writing, to which he told me that I should just major in English, and so I did (and thus became my double major). I'm glad that I gave Marketing a second shot because I am interested in the classes I'm taking and more excited about my classes, but my whole college experience has been a balancing act amongst the majors and the two core curriculums.

I am apart of Providence College Television (PCTV), where I am the Vice President of the club for the '20-'21 school year. The channel is student-run and I'm hoping in the next two years get more of the college community in videos and grow out the club. I am also apart of the club field hockey team, which I joined my sophomore year. As part of the business school, I am in Women in Business, Sports Business Organization, and International Business clubs; but I hope to be more involved in those clubs this year (even if it's by zoom). Lastly, I have a radio show with my roommate called 'Cracked Up' on WDOM 91.3 where we have a two-hour slot each week where we play music and talk. I'm considering writing for the newspaper or liberal arts magazine, but I have not decided yet.

Outside of college, I run my blog and Instagram (you can follow me @christinaxmadeleine) and make vlogs for YouTube about my life in college! I recently bought a vlog camera to make higher quality videos! About a month ago, I became a weekly writer for 'College on Tap', and I am hoping to continue with that for the semester. Here are my first three posts: 'Five Essentials for Roller Skating', 'Rating the Shows I Bing-watched during Quarantine', and 'Revisiting Camp: The Met's 2019 Fashion Exhibit'. I am working on adding a page to my blog with the updated lists of all the articles I will be writing.

What do you like to do? What are your passions?

Outside of college activities and being a student, I like to travel, spend time in the outdoors, write, roller skate, and watch television and movies. I have always had a vivid imagination and am drawn to fictional literature and television shows with drama and magic. Throughout the quarantine, I've spent time reading (not as much as I hoped to) and watching television, but I also picked up roller skating and have fallen in love with it. Having a hobby that keeps me active has been very beneficial to my mental and physical health. I also love hockey games, and am a huge New York Islanders fan, and try to go to as many games as I can. At college, I go to the basketball, field hockey, and ice hockey games if I can make them. My favorite places in New York to go to is The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Natural History. I'm a bit all over the place when it comes to things I like to do, but I think the more passions the better! 

I still love fashion, which is why I created this blog in the first place, but I'm trying to find a style that more accurately fits me. I'm excited about the future of this blog and I will 100% be back with more more hiatuses.

'This Fashion Girl' has been apart of me for seven years, and I am so grateful for it.

Thank you for the support for all these years. 

Christina Madeleine


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  1. Congratulations on over seven years wonderful fashion beauty and lifestyle posts!!!!!!
    I love reading them and looking at all the photographs you have included in your seven+ years of posts. I love your fashion taste.
    I also loved having the privilege of seeing you with your friends at Providence College in many of the 25 fun to watch videos on your YouTube channel.
    Wow, you have been very active, busy, and accomplished a lot in your college years in addition to all of your writing, photography and videography!
    All my best wishes for your success and happiness in the years ahead!
    P.S.: THANK YOU so much for dumping Disqus! :D

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