Wednesday, July 26, 2017

What's Going On In My Life?

Hello everyone! To start of this post I am going to insert a poor quality PhotoBooth picture of myself.

This is me. I am seventeen years old. My skin has a ton of acne right now. Also, I have bright blue hair. This looks like a fake smile, but trust me there's a lot for me to be happy about.

So, why am I talking like I've never blogged before?

I feel like I haven' truly been in touch with this blog lately. I have been doing OOTDs or just where I go with my friends. I just want to have a post where I just gave some updates on my life. Every time I blog, I always make the excuse that I need to post more and I definitely do, but sometimes I just don't feel it. I have so many thoughts in my head, but how do I just express it?

Here are some updates about my life...

1) I applied and got accepted to join the Youth Cabinet of NYC. This entails that I will be sitting with one of the Congresswomen of New York once a month and telling her what I believe is important to have in politics. I am excited because young people barely have a say in what happens before they can vote.

2) I am/ will be done with an internship at an awesome technology start-up located in Chelsea. Basically, I got to see how a business start-up works, and my voice will be in one of their projects on the app! I only was there for three weeks, but it was super fun and a great experience! If you want to hear more about it, I would be happy to talk about it.

3) I am officially an editorial writer and social media manager for The Weekly Buzz, which is a website/magazine written by teenagers from around the world for teenagers. This website basically will cover what is happening in the world in a fun way. We are also accepting guest writers, so you should definitely check it out! Also follow the social media for updates.
          Instagram: @theweeklybuzz ( )
          Twitter: @theweeklybuzz09  ( )

4) I don't have to take any more SATs and ACTs. I am not going to dwell too much about this, but I am happy with my scores and it's a big relief to be done with the standardized tests. In December, I will hopefully be telling you guys about where I will be going to college. Right now, I am just trying to keep a positive outlook and not let a test define me.

5) I get to play my last season of high school field hockey in a month. Long story short, my school was going to cut the team without telling us. My friend and I fought the school, and sadly we only get to keep it for one more year, but it was an accomplishment in itself. I am planning on making the most of it and be the best senior on the team I can be.

6) I'm trying to be the best version of myself that I can be. I've dealt with a lot in the last two years, but lately I have been trying to have more positive thoughts. Also, I am starting to care less about what people think of me. I've learned that you can't please everyone, and that sometimes you have to back away from an argument even if you aren't wrong. I think going into senior year I am going to try to patch up some broken relationships. I tend to be a different person at school (kind of quiet and shy), and I am so tired of people walking all over me, so I am working on becoming a more confident person.

7) I joined a gym for the month of July! It was such a great experience because there's something about doing Zumba, and working out that makes me so happy. I don't judge any people at the gym because hey! we are all working on ourselves.

8) My hair is blue! On the last day of school, my friend came with me so that I could dye my hair. It took four hours at the salon and almost all my babysitting money, but it's blue! I am so obsessed with it. I never want to get rid of it, but sadly in a month I am going to have to dye my head a "natural" color because I go to catholic school.

So those are some of the big updates on my life, but this post isn't over yet! I want to spread some positivity:

Right now, the world is full of hate. We can't let the hate get to us because hate brings on more hate. Being positive starts with learning to be happy. There are times when I am so insecure that I can't look in the mirror, and then there are times where I am like, "heck yeah! I am beautiful!". Compliment people! Find hobbies that make you happy! Find friends who support you and love you! Read happy books! Go on adventures! The world is amazing and people are beautiful. I know this all over the place, but once you start trying to make other people happy, and finding things you like...the world becomes more clear and beautiful.

I hope you guys have a wonderful rest of your week! I am going to try to get another post up this week! 

Let me know what are your achievements this month, and things that made you happy!

                                                            Christina Madeleine



  1. Congrats on your achievements! It's great that young people are starting to get their voices heard when it comes to making decisions in the areas they live in! Love the positive message, it's nice to spread a little bit of love and encouragement :)



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