Sunday, November 11, 2018

Brunch at Sydney Providence

Hey everyone! As you know, I go to school in Providence, Rhode Island; and thus I really want to spend time going around the city and exploring. My friend, Becca, took me on a walking tour of Providence yesterday (she's from Providence, so she knew exactly where to go), and I decided to take photos of everything because it was such a cute day.

 First, we went to Sydney Providence

This cafe is Australia inspired but located in Providence. We took the RIPTA (the bus system in Rhode Island that college students that go to school in the state can go on for free) to the cafe from our school. 

 As someone who is unfortunately used to going to overpriced cafes in New York, I was really impressed with the prices at Sydney Providence. I really only ended up spending $15 the whole time we were off campus.

I ordered a large iced macchiato, and an avocado smash. There was the option to get it with prosciutto (one of my favorite foods/ the reason that I stopped being vegetarian when I was in Portugal), but I went with the original order. At home, I had an obsession with Avocado Toast, so I am really glad I could find a place in Providence that made it even better than Le Pain Quotidien. 

The cafe also had kombucha on tap which I thought was pretty cool. I have heard of many companies having iced coffee (particularly nitro coffee or cold brew) on tap, so I get excited when I see other "trendy" drinks on tap. I am not really a fan of kombucha, but it's an interesting idea to sell it off the tap in glass jars.

Later that day...

 Becca took me around Providence, and the more I see the city; the more I adore it. Living on campus is nice and all but on the weekends and during the week I try to make trips off campus (even to just get coffee).

 There's a river walk that goes through Providence, and during the Summer and on special events, there are fire pits that are lit up. I went to Waterfire in September, and it's definitely a fun thing to go to.

This sign was outside of a coffee bar called Nitro bar located on the west side of Providence. When the weather is nice there are Nitro carts that serve coffee on tap right by Providence College and Brown campuses. Nitro bar also collaborated with a lot of other local businesses and stores. 

There's a mix of pretty old buildings in Providence with different restaurants and stores in them. My favorite is a bookstore that sells vinyl records that's also in a vintage building. 

Christina Madeleine

Question: do you want to see more posts of where I go and what I do on the daily or weekly?


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  1. That avocado smash looks and sounds yummy.
    I love that sign outside the Nitro bar coffee bar!
    The Summer events sound interesting. That's great that there's a bookstore that sells vinyl records.
    I have never been to Providence, Rhode Island, but it looks like a wonderful place to visit, to live and to go to school in.
    I'd love to read whatever posts happen to feel like doing. xx :)



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