Sunday, April 1, 2018

OOTD: Easter 2018

Hey everyone. Happy Easter! Today, I decided to dress up for the Holiday and do an OOTD. It's been a few years since my last Easter Outfit of the Day.

My Outfit:
Black Long-sleeved shirt - LOFT
White Fluffy Coat - Begreh (a store in Braga, Portugal)
Striped Pants - Cue Boutique 
Blue Eye Glasses - Rayband
Silver Hoops - Cue Boutique
White Scrunchie - Walgreens
Black Boots - Steve Madden 

I spent Easter in Williamsburg with my extended family. There were about twenty of us, and it was about four hours of food, laughter, and cake. The amount of sweets and sugar I have eaten in the last two days is actually ridiculous.

Handbag- Coach 
Rings- Stradivarius ( a Spanish brand)
Red beaded bracelet with cross - a gift from Italy

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter or just day (if you don't celebrate). Thanks for reading :)
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Christina Madeleine


  1. What a lovely outfit. I am definitely loving thatm purse.

    Samara // The Marshall Wardrobe

  2. Cute outfit! Love the fluffy coat!

    aby |

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