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School Tips: Resources for Studying & Homework

Hey everyone! Education is a wonderful thing to take advantage of, but school can be very hard. For me, I find science incredibly hard, and it's not my favorite subject. What've I learned in my 14+ years of being in school is that it's 100% okay to ask for help when you need it. Teachers go very fast when they are teaching, and sometimes they can't make sure everyone understands the concepts. Today, I am going to give you guys some resources and advice when it comes to asking for help in school.

1. Chegg online tutors

My sophomore year of high school,  I was having a hard time in Chemistry because I couldn't grasp the concepts in my 75 minute class. During my frees, I would meet with my teacher, but sometimes it wasn't enough. Chegg Tutoring is available at all times through the day, and it matches you with a tutor in minutes for live sessions. I have used Chegg tutors for SAT prep, Physics, Chemistry, Algebra, and Geometry. The tutors are very helpful, and you can talk to them through messaging, video chat or phone calls. You can even see the tutors credentials, and usually they are either teachers or college students who study the topic you need help in.  The program costs some money, but it's not expensive. I really recommend this website, especially since it's a 24 hour service.

2. Crash Course

I am a huge fan of John and Hank Green. They are such great people to look up to, and specialize in educating younger people (as well as  adults) on what's happening in current events, and in the past. Crash Course is a Youtube Channel that has 15 minute videos in topics such as World History, Chemistry, Literature, Physics, US history, etc... Some of there videos are narrated by John or Hank, but other videos are taught by people who have degrees in the subject. The videos are very concise, engaging, and also have fun facts to not just teach students, but help them retain the informations. All of their videos are fact checked and accurate. I use these videos for history class as a review before tests.

3. Memrise

Memrise is an app and website that was originally made for learning languages, but can be used to study vocabulary of any type. I take Spanish at school, and we have vocab quizzes quite often so I put them onto the Memrise app on my phone and download the list, so that I can study on the train. This app is super helpful because you can test yourself, and it even tells you what words that you're having more problems remembering. I've been using this app since I was a freshman, and it's helped me so much in my English and Spanish classes.

4. National Honors Society tutors 

National Honors Society is a group of juniors and seniors, who have a 3.7 or higher GPA, who are designated to help out students in certain topics. Many schools offer NHS tutoring for free because it's just peers helping out, but usually these students have passed the class with high scores and can clarify concepts. I wouldn't recommend NHS tutors for all the time tutors because they are students too, but meeting with them for 30 minutes before or after a class can be very helpful. I have previously had NHS tutors in Spanish and Geometry, and it made quite the difference.

5.  Group Meetings

Everybody is different, but I prefer to study with a partner or in a small group for big tests. Every year during finals, my friend and I sit in a classroom or facetime in order to study everything we know about a topic. Talking with a partner definitely helps me retain information because we take turns explaining certain topics. At my school, you can meet with a teacher and bring three people and have a mini lesson to go over topics. Teachers are meant to help you, and they want you to succeed. Working with other people can be beneficial, and it's so rewarding when all of you do well. Tip: unless you are using your phone to study from, make your whole group put their phones on silent, so that there are no major distractions to take you from your studying.

 I hope these resources help you. I start school on September 6 (the beginning of my senior year of high school!) and I want to do my best, so I wanted all of you to do your best as well! A mind is a terrible thing to waste, so become educated and get excited to learn. School can be tough, and sometimes defeating, but it goes faster than you think. 

                                                       Christina Madeleine

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  1. These are some great ideas!

    Sophie xx // One Unique

  2. This is such a good post !! Crash Course is literally what I used although high school. It helped me so much!

    Samara //

  3. Great post! Wish they had these when I was studying. xx


  4. Nice post! I love using Crash Course, it's amazing for everything. I love using it for chemistry and biology, also, there is a new study skills series which I find very interesting.



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