Friday, July 31, 2015

My Top 10 Summer Songs

Hey everyone! Sorry that I have been a bit inconsistent with my posts. I really need to get myself on here more. I am always commenting on people's blog and social media yet I always forget to write blog posts. My goal is to post at least four times a month.

It's the last day of July! That means the Summer is more than half way over (how sad!). The good news is that Summer is still in full swing. I love to blast music through my speakers during the Summer to get in the mood for the day, sit by the pool/beach, and while scrolling on social media.

Here are my Top 10 Favorite Songs of Summer 2015

 White Teeth Teens by Lorde - I love this song because it has such a nice beat to it. Lorde released this song in 2013 but I only started listening to it this Summer. It's kind of a calm and nice song to listen too.

5ft7 by Tonstartssbandht - This song was from the Palo Alto soundtrack. If you don't know this soundtrack is from my favorite movie. This song also has an interesting sound which some people don't particularly like but I personally like it. At first, I didn't understand the words but I've replayed the song so many times that I've grown to understand it.

Kids by MGMT - This song has a catchy beat to it. I listen to this song while getting ready in the morning. This song has a more teenager-y(?) feeling to it.  MGMT has many good songs besides this one I also recommend the songs Time to Pretend, and Electric Feel.
Runaway by AURORA - My friend and I made a whole outline for a film we want to make when we are older. In film class we had to make a soundtrack for the movie. So we asked my friend's brother for some help with the songs. I have been obsessed with this song ever since it was suggested. The song has a soothing sound and it's perfect for those "looking out a car or plane" moments.

 Tear in My Heart by Twenty One Pilots - I first heard of the band of Twenty One Pilots when the song Car Radio came on when I was listening to Spotify. I personally like the song Tear in My Heart better because it starts with a complete different tone then it starts with. The beginning is some yelling and guitar and then it changes to some 'talking'. This song is really hard to describe but I recommend this band.

 She's a Riot by The Jungle Giants - I listen to an app called 8tracks which lets you make playlists and listen to playlists based on your preference and mood you are feeling. I was searching through playlists to find a good Summer song and I wasn't disappointed. I really like the cover because despite the fact you can't see the girl's eyes, it still feels like they are looking right at you. I feel like the cover is unique.

Dreaming by Smallpools - I first heard this song on Soundcloud mixed with the song Bonnie and Clyde by Jay Z and Beyonce. I, then started listening to the artist Smallpools and I became obsessed with the original version of the song which reminds me of my trip to California so it always makes me nostalgic. 
 Crown on the Ground by Sleigh Bells - If you have seen posts from earlier this year, you would have seen that I am kind of obsessed with the Bling Ring, which where this song comes from. This song is a great song to listen to when you are getting ready for a party because it's so upbeat and such a fun song to dance to with your friends too.

 Robbers by the 1975 - The 1975 is my favorite band. I love their style in music and the way the act. They are mysterious and more intimate with their fan base which I like better than bands who have thousands of fans at their concerts. I'm actually seeing the 1975 in December, but that will be another blog post. Robbers is my favorite song to listen to in the on train or if I am going for a walk.


 Welcome to the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance - Yes, I know MCR has been unfortunately over for the past few years. This Summer I have been really into the "emo trinity" consisting of Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco, and My Chemical Romance. I feel like their music is fun to dance, and run too.  The song mentioned is five minutes long and goes from slow piano too upbeat drums. This might be the song I have listened to all Summer.

Thanks for reading this post. I really wanted to get up here before August 1 (I have to have one more post that says July!). 

Leave a comment telling me what your favorite songs of the Summer are.

                                                  Christina Madeleine 



  1. I love your summer songs, I am obsessed with anything by The 1975 at the moment and my song of the summer has been Shut Up and Dance With Me by Walk the Moon :)

    1. I love the 1975 so much, they are my favorite. I like that song too!

  2. Lovely post, Christina! I also love My Chemical Romance; "Teenagers" is probably one of my favorites! xx

  3. Love tear in my heart! Also a lot of songs I need to listen to on this list!

  4. Love this post! I haven't heard of a lot of the songs yet, but I need to listen to them! ;) xx



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