Sunday, February 22, 2015

New York Adventures Part 1

Hey everyone! It's been almost a month since my last update. I have been super busy between homework and school. But in the last few weeks I have been going around New York City with my camera. I am so privileged to be living in New York, so lately I have been trying new things and going to different places. This post is some of my latest adventures.

February 14, 2015

 This sign was in front of a restaurant that I did not eat in. It was in the North side of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. If you get the pun it is to Drake's new album If You're Reading this it's Too Late.

My friend and I found a cute little restaurant to eat lunch at.  It was called The Oregano. I had lemon ricotta pancakes and my friend had french toast. Since my friend and I didn't have Valentines, we did what anyone else would do and enjoyed it ourselves.

If you didn't take a picture in a restaurant, did you even go there?

We visited a record store and there was this pretty rad vinyl. Someone wrote a summary of the vinyl and pasted it on the cover of the record.

February 15, 2015

 I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This is one of my favorite museums in New York and it's located in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. 

These figures were in a glass case with 30 others like it. Then there were pictures of ballerinas lining the walls of the connected room. There must have been 70 art pieces done by the same artist of ballerinas. It was truly beautiful.

This fountain was in the Greek/Rome section of the Met. It was kind of cool to see how many people threw coins into a wishing fountain. The whole exhibit was surrounded from tourists from France, England, Switzerland, and so many other places.

This picture was taken by my friend, Charlotte who is very gifted at photography. I was taking a picture of Central Park when she took this. I don't know why I like this picture so much, but it's beautiful in my mind.

February 17, 2015

I went to the MoMa (Museum of Modern Art). I am more into historic art from the different cultures rather than modern art. But some of the things at the MoMa were really cool.

This is the famous painting by Vincent van Gogh called Starry Night.

February 22, 2015

I am a huge animal lover. Here is a lovely picture of two dogs I saw at an animal store.

Hopefully I will be posting more. Thank you for everyone who looks and comments on my blog. Is there any thing exciting going on in your life? Comment below I like reading what everyone else is doing.

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                                                  Christina Madeleine



  1. Great post, Christina! I had no idea you lived in New York. I've been there several times it's absolutely gorgeous. First off, those pancakes look delicious! I'm so jealous you got to see the painting Starry Night in person. I love that painting. I'm looking forward to your next post. Keep up the amazing work. :)

    If you ever want to collaborate on an idea, I would love to!


  2. great post your so lucky to see the starry night painting I couldnt even dream of seeing it someday. I love animals also! Your blog is awesome and you can se you have put in the effort so well done and keep it up

  3. love this post and your shots!



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