Monday, April 22, 2019

Easter 2019 Outfit of the Day

Hey everyone! Happy Earth Day! This post is far from talking about how to be more sustainable and how we need to start making drastic lifestyle changes to save this planet, but it is about the holiday I celebrated yesterday...Easter. Since it's Spring, I want to do a post about the environment, but that'll be in the future! As of today, I am getting back to my roots...and doing an outfit of the day. I have not done one of these in a while since I don't dress up often for school, nonetheless, I've missed sharing my outfits!

Yesterday, I celebrated Easter with my parents at Patrizia's of Williamsburg, which is an Italian restaurant located in Brooklyn that serves family style with a set menu. The atmosphere is very loud, but it's definitely a fun restaurant to go to. On Easter, everyone dresses up more or less, so I decided to pick out a bright outfit for the occasion.

 My outfit:
Royal Purple Koalafications Madison Skirt - Lilly Pulitzer
Sheer White Button Up - Cue Boutique
White Platform Sneakers -  Stradivarius 
Gray Cardigan - Double Agent 

Fun fact about the skirt: I recently purchased it because there is a party twice a year called "golf party" where everyone dresses up super preppy, and girls wear Lilly Pulitzer. Previously, I've never owned anything by this brand, but I've had friends who all they owned, was Lilly Pulitzer, Lulu Lemon, and Vineyard Vines. I definitely recommend this brand, but it is an investment since most of their items are higher priced.

Hope you liked this post! Check out my blog for other outfits of the day throughout the years.
This Fashion Girl will be turning 6 years old in the next few weeks, so there is a lot of content!

Christina Madeleine

My newest vlog of my Easter in NYC:

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  1. I LOVE the outfit you wore on Easter - It's BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!
    Very belatedly, Happy Easter, happy Spring and happy summer!!!



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