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a life update about my last two months

Hey everyone. I haven't forgotten about the blog, I just have been unable to write on here for a multitude of reasons, and I do dearly miss coming on here, so I decided to do a little update.

I've been good, but more so have been tired, superbly busy, having the best time, but also very confused. I've been very happy this semester at college, but I have been working so hard in so many aspects that I have worn myself thin to the point I couldn't get myself to write something creative on here.

I do still love fashion, writing, reading, makeup (I even went to the mall last week), but it's been hard to write on here about all of it. I haven't even done a vlog in two months as well.

I know this sounds so depressing, but I wanted to explain how I am feeling, but I also give you all a little update about my life since I've had this blog for over 6.5 years now.

Let's start...

How's this semester going with academics?

I've never worked as hard in school as I have this semester. I am in six courses currently, which is 1-2 more than the average student takes as a sophomore at my college. This isn't flexing, but more of a necessity so that I can study abroad, but still get my two degrees done in four years.

My global studies class is by far one of the best classes I've had in college. It meets for two hours on Monday mornings, which is a bit hard to have the motivation to go to but is so interesting. We don't have any tests or quizzes, just two 10-page papers, and journal entries due every week. I think I might do a post about the books I read and my experience with that class once it's over. My first essay was all about the lack of access to education for girls in developing countries, which I wrote in one-day (due to my horrible procrastination skills), but it was one of my favorite topics to write about. My next essay is about climate change, which is a topic I am very interested in because it's also VERY REAL. That's just a little rambling, but that just shows how interested in this class I am, haha.

My two English classes have been rough, but are still awesome in different ways. My U.S Fiction Since 1960 has really shaped my perception of writing because of authors such as Renata Adler, Cormac McCarthy, Sylvia Plath, and so many more. This class has influenced my style of writing and is definitely making me want to dive into creative writing classes in the future (once I get my Shakespeare and pre-1800s literature classes out of the way). My second English class, 'Romantic Age' has a great teacher, but I've learned that romantic age literature isn't completely my cup of tea (with the exception of Robert Burns and William Wordsworth).

My three other classes have been relatively well. Marketing and Management are both group projects for the whole semester, and my note on that is some groups are a lot better to work with than others. It's tough being in group projects, but overall it's been going okay. The girls in my management group really make the class so much better than it would be if I had a worse group. As for Civ, it's going the way it normally does...

What books have I read this semester?

Okay, so if I didn't bore you with my talk about's the books I've read this semester (some I will have to reread tbh).

American War by Omar El Akkad
The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath
The Narrative of Frederick Douglass
End Zone by Don DeLillo 
Us vs Them: The Failure of Globalism by Ian Bremmer
Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf
Pitch Dark by Renata Adler
The Crossing by Cormac McCarthy 
In America by Susan Sontag
Falter: Has the Human Game Begun to Play itself out? by Bill McKibben 
Behind the Beautiful Forevers by Katherine Boo

I've read other books and fragments of stories throughout my semester, but those are some of the big titles. For my U.S Fiction class, I have to write book reviews on all of them, so once they are perfected I plan to post them on here :). 


 I joined the club field hockey team! I don't do the travel part, but for the first semester, I have practiced twice a week, which has been so fun. I also have some pretty cool merch now. It's been fun to be part of a team once again and meet new people.

I've continued to be in Providence College Television. We haven't had a ton of content come out this semester, but for Halloween, I wrote the script to a very bad, but very funny video. I also '"acted' in it.  If you want to check it out...

I still have my radio show! My friend, Colleen, and I hosted a radio show from 8-10pm every Thursday (eastern time) which streams to radios in Providence but also online ( We tell storytimes, talk about our lives, and play music! Some of the groups we play are The 1975, Arcade Fire, Catfish and the Bottlemen, The Wombats, New Order, Joy Division, The Front Bottoms, King Princess, etc...

Lastly, I mentioned the last post, but I work in the library! I work 7-12 hours each week in the journals and periodicals section of the library. I am a big fan of my job because it's busywork, but also I get to go through so many magazines and newspapers from around the world.

What are some of my future plans?

Well, currently I am planning my schedule for next semester. I am hoping to finally be able to take five classes since I haven't done that in over a year. I am possibly taking a theology class over Winter break, which although it will be interesting; simultaneously means I haven't taken a break off from schoolwork in over a year. I know it sounds crazy, but I love learning and college classes; so it's not the worst thing to be taking classes for over an entire year (hopefully I don't have to do summer work again!).

I've applied for a Maymester (which is a 3-credit class taught in a little over two weeks), where I would be in Providence for a week and then go to Grasmere, England to study William Wordsworth. I haven't heard back yet, but I am very excited if I get accepted to that, as I will be able to see where the author wrote his poetry. I am also applying to study abroad in London for Spring 2021, but I still need to work on my application. I will update you all with that when I get the news.

As for this semester, I go home to New York for the first time since August on Tuesday! Although I don't mind being away from home, it's time. I am itching to walk the streets of my neighborhood and get my hair re-dyed, my nails painted, and to see some of my friends. I'll have to do a lot of schoolwork while I am home, but I get to go to an Islanders game (which I am so excited about!).

I'm not sure about what I am doing for Winter break as a whole, I am hoping to do some videos and vlogging and posts! I really need this break.

As for the rest of the semester, there is a lot of work to be done + secret Santa and theme parties, but once I get home in three weeks I have a lot of posts to write.

Here are me and Colleen after a beach-themed party. 

Also if you missed my last vlog, it is from September! I hope to make more vlogs soon, please subscribe!

As always, thank you so much for supporting me!
Christina Madeleine



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