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What My Schedule Looks Like *Sophomore Year Semester One*

Hey everyone! It's been a few weeks since I last posted. I've officially been back at college for almost a month, and boy has it been a busy time.  This year has been very positive this year because it's not a new school, I am enjoying all my classes, my living situation is ideal, and I am becoming more of an active member of the school. It's been almost a complete 180 from how I felt when I was a freshman.

I've done this post twice before ( freshman year first semester and second semester), and here I am again! As mentioned in posts past, I am an English and Marketing double-major. In my four years at Providence College, I'll have to take 10 English classes, the business core, my marketing class, and the liberal arts core. This semester I am taking six classes, and I'll give a bit of a run down about them!

Development of Western Civilization
I've talked about civ before, but it's a mandatory class at Providence. You take three semesters of civ that is lecture and seminar-based that starts off 3,000 BCE or even prior, and then make your way up to the present day. Currently, I am in my third semester, which goes from around 1776 to present day. Some of the books and passages we've read in the month I've been here are "What is Englightenment" by Emmanual Kant, two poems from Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman, and The Narrative of Frederick Douglass. The class, for me, is two lectures a week (about 50 minutes), and then a seminar (about 110 minutes) per week. In my last semester of civ, there is a colloquium in which you get the pick the topic of history you want to learn about for the last semester. Every student at PC takes civ no matter what.

Consumer Behavior (Marketing) and Organizational Behavior (Management)
I haven't taken a marketing class since my first semester, but I am back at it. In my first semester, I had to do a semester-long project on the Wall Street Journal. This year, we have a project just as long, but more advanced about Nike. So far, the class has been better than my first experience with a Marketing class and my group works pretty well. Part of the business school core involves taking two management classes, and so I am taking one of those courses right now. Although I'm not a management major, taking this course has been beneficial for me because it's helping me with my presenting and speaking skills. I'm not the strongest public speaker, but I am definitely working on it.

U.S Fiction Post 1960s and Romantic Age in England
Since I am taking two business classes, I am also taking two English classes! I am taking a U.S Fiction post-1960s class, which has us reading books like The Bell Jar, American War, End Zone, and Shoplifting from American Apparel. Although this course is very heavy on reading, I am enjoying the class so much. My teacher is so helpful when it comes to rewrites, and I can actively feel myself becoming a better writer. The second English course I am taking is the Romantic Age in England, which is very different in contrast. A lot of the works we read are David Blake, Williams Wordsworth, and John Keats. We focused on Scottish and Irish epics for a few weeks as well.

Introduction to Global Studies
I wanted to fulfill my civic engagement core this semester, and I able to do this by taking a Global Studies class. I have this class from 8:30-11:15am every Monday, but my professor is so interesting the time goes very fast. In the first few weeks, we read Us vs Them: The Failure of Globalism. I like being able to have a class where I can learn about politics, economics, and social climates on a global scale. I would recommend if you are able to, take global studies or a political science class.

This semester, I had to stop taking a foreign language in order to try to get the bulk of my classes for my majors completed. I loved taking Italian (and in the past, Spanish), I need to focus on my English and business classes. I believe next semester, I will take the same amount of classes as well (but there will be a post about it then too). I have been genuinely enjoying my classes this semester and feel so much more confident in my studies.

Along with all my classes, I've been pretty busy! I joined a club field hockey team on campus, so twice a week I get to go on the field and practice. I am not on the travel team, but I enjoy being able to play the sport that I love so much. It's also a way to keep active when I am not going to the gym. I am also the co-head of entertainment for Providence College Television (PCTV), and soon we will be uploading content to our YouTube channel!

I've also started a job in the library on campus, and have been getting used to my new position. I am so happy I was able to get a job on campus, and it's a good way to spend some hours and meet new people.  

There are a few other activities that I have applied to, and I can update you all on that soon! After a month of being on campus, I think I am able to take the time to start blogging again. I really missed being on here, and I am so excited to show you all my world through my blog. 

I also made a video of my move-in if you want to watch it... and please subscribe to my channel! I am almost at 60 subscribers :)

I will have a new post up this week about my day trip to Newport, Rhode Island!

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