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My Trip to California: Day 4 and 5

I am so sorry that I am dragging out this mini series. I was super busy in between posts but I am finally finished telling you all about my trip to California this Summer. This is way overdue because I started school a few days ago. I want to tell you all about my last two days in California before I drag this out any longer. Don't forget to answer my question at the end of my post and my Wordless Wednesday Post! (Linked:  here )

                                  DAY 4

Universal Studios is filled with old sets, and rides based off of movies. There are rides such as Jurassic Park, Transformers, The Mummy, and Transformers.

If you have seen Despicable Me you would absolutely love the references to the minions all over the place.

There was a plastic horse, and I decided to stand near it. Nothing really interesting about that...

Later that day, I went swimming in the pool. This pool was gorgeous and it had a hot tub! I miss that so much.

The next day, I went to Venice Beach. This beach has tons of little stores that sell candy, food, henna tattoos, skateboards, sweatshirts, and anything you would think of when you go to the beach. It was a cloudy day, but it was relaxing to just walk on the beach.

I got a henna tattoo that lasted roughly 2 weeks. I love henna tattoos because they are super easy to get done, and people always compliment on them.

They were selling so many penny boards!

QOTD: Should I do more picture posts like this?



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What you need to know about Brows and Foundation #TeenBlogSeries

Hey everyone! I know, I have been a bad blogger lately with the updating. Now that school is starting I have to balance blogging, youtube, school, homework, and so much more. There will be more posts up this week, so I will make it up to you.

This is the second week of the #teenblogseries run by Anouska Millar and Beth (MissBeautyObsession). There are now almost 100 teen bloggers in this series. The posts are really fun to read and you can find most of them by searching #teenblogseries on twitter. My first post in this series is 10 Facts About Me. Check it out, and answer my question at the bottom of the post.
This post will be about eyebrow and foundation routines.


Foundation is a tricky topic. If applied correctly, it can make your skin look flawless. But then, if you are like a big proportion of people who make it look cakey or don't apply it correctly, then it can look really bad. There are many different types of foundations such as spray, liquid, and powder. There are also alternatives to foundation such as BB cream, or tinted moisturizer. Then, there is concealer that you don't need to even wear with foundation if you so choose too.

If I were to use a foundation, I would use the Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation. This is my favorite liquid foundation because it is inexpensive and works really well. This foundation has a blue pump and it gives you the perfect amount of foundation (I use 2-3 pumps). For me, I used it to cover my acne, which you aren't supposed to do. If you have acne you should use an alternative to foundation that will let your skin breathe or a foundation made for acne. The Covergirl foundation did not cause me to break out. If you want a foundation that works to get rid of acne then use the Neutrogena Skin Clearing Foundation. Both can be found at Ulta, CVS, Walgreens, Duane Reade, or your local drug store.

                                              This is the Neutrogena Skin Clearing Foundation.

This is the Covergirl  Outlast Stay Fabulous Foundation.

Powder foundations are easy to apply too. You need a foundation brush and a good powder that matches your skin. A powder foundation I like to use is the Sephora Powder Foundation. Powder foundation gives an airbrush finish to your skin instead of rubbing in a liquid. You also don't need an expensive brush for this. You can buy a brush from ELF or Ecotools and it will work well with this foundation. I, personally recommend powder foundation if you are going somewhere and you don't want to spend a lot of time on foundation.

Foundation is good to use in the Winter because you don't have to worry about it melting off from heat or sweat. A good alternative to foundation are BB creams. There are many benefits to BB cream such as it contains SPF 15-30, moisturizes your skin, blurs imperfections, aren't heavy against your skin, and so much more. BB Cream blends into your skin to match your skin color. All you have to do is to find your color and then apply it to your face like it's moisturizer. BB cream also lets your skin breathe and certain BB Creams fight acne.

TIP: Sometimes when you apply BB cream it makes your skin look shiny since it's a lot like moisturizer. To get the most use out of your BB cream use a setting powder or a matte powder over it.  The powder will make your BB cream look matte and your skin will look great.

   I recommend the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream or the Dream Pure BB cream (which fights acne)

Concealer is definitely a MUST if you are a teenager or an adult with dark circles, acne, or redness on your face. A good concealer, can brighten your face and give the illusion that your face doesn't have any imperfections. Unlike foundation or BB cream which evens out your skin, concealer is used on certain points on your face to make them lighter. It gives these spots a little more attention. Concealer is mostly used on under eye circles, acne on your chin, forehead,  nose, and any redness that foundation or BB cream isn't covering. Concealer can be used before or after you put on your foundation and/or BB cream. I prefer to put it on after I apply my foundation because I want to see if I need to cover any spots.

When applying concealer to your face make swift motions with your concealer instead of dots. The dots will make you miss places on your face unlike the motions where you can blend it in more. Different types of concealer are more easier to use than others. It's a preference you have to have. I like stick concealers because I feel they are easier to use and you can keep them in your bag for a quick fix up during the day.

TIP: You don't need to wear foundation or BB cream to use concealer.


Eyebrows are so important.  They can make or break your look. I am more into strong dark eyebrows. Mine are really dark and thick so I always go for the strong brow as my go to.  I can never pull off the Cara Delevigne eyebrows but having strong brows can make you looks just as good.

Grooming your eyebrows: 

When I was 10 I had dark eyebrows, but the bad part of that, there was only one brow. Yes, I had the infamous unibrow. I first got my eyebrows waxed when I was 11. If you are young like I was just go for it and get it waxed. Once, your eyebrows have been waxed at least once, then it will be easier to tweeze your brows if you choose too.

Tweezing your eyebrows are painful. Unless you are one of the lucky people whose eyebrows don't grow back fast, I suggest only using tweezers to pluck stray hairs in-between waxing or threading. All three ways to get your eyebrows groomed hurts but you just have to be strong.

Threading vs Waxing:

I got my eyebrows waxed from the time I was eleven to when I was thirteen. I have really sensitive skin around my eyes and eyebrows so my skin burns really easy from the hot wax. The people I went to burnt my skin a few times to the point where I had burn marks on my skin for weeks.  Waxing also doesn't shape your eyebrows very well. If you take to much with the wax then there is no way to fix it until it grows back. I don't like waxing my eyebrows and I don't recommend it to anyone who has sensitive skin.

Threading is the best way to shape eyebrows, in my opinion. Yes, it hurts but there is not hot wax or ripping things off. Threading takes roughly 15 minutes and is a series of pulling thread to cut the and shape your eyebrows. Threading doesn't burn because it is just thread. Shaping your eyebrows while threading can make the arch in your eyebrows that many people really want. I recommend it because after I switched to threading I saw a noticeable difference in my eyebrows. Waxing lasts 4-10 days, and threading lasts 2-3 weeks.

Filling in your eyebrows:

If you have light eyebrows, you might want something to darken them. Filling in your eyebrows is a technique that can make your eyebrows look great. When filling in your eyebrows, use a shade slightly darker than your eyebrows are. It will make them look more natural and not too bold. If you have blonde hair, go for brown eyebrows to frame your face.

When using an eyebrow powder, use an eyebrow brush to apply it to the middle of your eyebrow. The most powder will go there and then slowly extend the brush to the front and end of your eyebrow. Make sure it is even and one color throughout your eyebrow. Then, do the same for your other eyebrow.

Remember: Your eyebrows are sisters not twins. They will not look exactly alike but that's not the point. Make them close enough.

Products I recommend for filling in eyebrows:

Anastasia Clear Brow Gel
Anastasia Brow Powder Duo
Eyebrow Brush with Spooly

Tell me if you liked this and if it was helpful in to comments below!

If you are part of the #TeenBlogSeries comment your links to your helpful tips and I will check them out!





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