Sunday, April 7, 2019

Second Semester Positive Moments + Youtube!

Hey everyone! Happy Sunday! Since there is a little less than five weeks left of the semester, I wanted to talk a little about the positive things about college. Freshman year is rough, but the second semester is so much better than first. I think at the end of the semester, I'll write another ramblings post, as similar to the one here. The weather has been bright and sunny lately, and my mood has gone up with rising temperatures. 

Also, lately I have been vlogging my weekends and adventures at Providence College, so scroll to the bottom of the post for the links!

Here are four things about college that I love:

1. Sports Games, and Championships 

Okay, Providence College is known for quite a few things, such as our very spiritual campus that has friars that live on campus, our pretty intense core curriculum, the somewhat infamous party culture, and mostly our D1 Big East sports teams. BIG EAST is a sports league that consists of very good sports teams at colleges mostly in the Northeast. Within all the colleges, this is one of the leagues that schools want to be because you play "powerhouse" sports schools. Providence is a pretty small school, but our teams have won national championships. That being said, our hockey team is really good this year and won the regional championships against Cornell recently, and that was a very big deal. We are hoping they win everything; so it's pretty exciting when they move on. I don't go to every sports game ever on campus, but the energy on campus is so exciting when our basketball team beats Boston College or our Lacrosse teams crushes St.John's. Sports are an aspect of the school that is heavily present but is also so fun to be a part of.

2. The Freedom to go off campus and explore

My friends and I find ourselves exploring Providence every weekend. We find new restaurants and stores to go to or just a movie theater. It's also so easy to go to Boston if we so wanted to since it's only about an hour away. I've gone up to visit my friends at Boston University or Bentley on the weekends. There's always somewhere in New England to go. Also, Providence's Board of Programmers have planned trips to Newport or ski trips to Vermont based on the weather; that students could go to. When you're at college, you can basically go where you want without having to worry about someone say no, which is liberating but also has a lot of responsibility to it.

3. Studying What I Want, and Learning New Things

The day I decided to become an English major, I woke up went to the head of the department and just did it. Then, I had to cross the entire campus to get to the Business School in order to get approval from the chair of the Marketing department in order to double-major. I couldn't stop smiling because I was finally going to study something that I have always have been interested in. College is important to me because the core-curriculum by default causes me to learn about topics I wouldn't normally be drawn to like philosophy, but also lets me take courses in subjects outside my majors such as Political Science and Italian.

4. Making Friends and Meeting New People

Up until college, most of my friends had been from New York solely because that's where I was raised. At college, I've been able to meet people from all over and different backgrounds. Two of my best friends here are from Arizona and New Jersey; a few of my suitemates for next year are from Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Yes, Northeast states aren't the most diverse; but it's the opportunities that come with meeting new people and going to a college that helps you become a more global person. The people I've met here have completely shaped my experience, even the ones that ended up only being my close friends for a little. I've always been the type of person that wants to branch out, and I think as time goes on I'll meet even more people.

 I've been very inspired by College Youtubers like Gretchen Geraghty and Margot Lee to do vlogs of my life at Providence College. I think it would be fun to get more into writing other types of posts here, but sometimes I need to explain stuff and show more of my life on video. I started vlogging three weekends ago, and I really love it. Please check it out, and subscribe!

Follow me to the BIG EAST Networking Night:
Weekend Vlog March 22-24, 2019:
Weekend Vlog March 29-31, 2019:

Thanks for reading!
Christina Madeleine


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  1. I especially love the fourth photo in the post of you and your friend in the hallway - you look very happy! I also enjoyed watching your vlogged 'Weekend in the Life of a College Freshman: Spring Concert, Shopping on Thayer, Dinner...' on YouTube - the vlogged shopping at Urban Outfitters, the very brief selfie at 2:20 of the video, trying on sunnies at 3:24, walking around the campus, eating, at the concert, and so much more of your weekend with your fab friends!



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