Sunday, January 6, 2019

Dorm Tour *Freshman Year at Providence College*

Hey everyone! With school starting up again soon, I wanted to show you all what my dorm room looks like! As you know, I am currently a freshman and I will be entering my second semester on January 14. I still want to decorate my dorm a bit more, but this is what my roommate and I have.

*sorry that the photos are a bit blurry, I can update this post eventually with more high definition pictures*

The dorm I am in has cork boards already installed so I printed out some photos to put up on it. I also pin notes my friends have given to me, letters, and papers that I for events on campus. My poster is the album cover of Unknown Pleasures by Joy Division. To the left (where my scarf is hung up), is a small closet that I hang up my clothes in, keep extra towels, tide pods, and shoes. My shelf was $25 from Amazon and I built it myself during Columbus Day Weekend.

On the top shelf, I keep my record player, and a cup cozy. The second shelf I keep a teddy bear that is wearing the 'M' from my high school's name. I keep half my records on that shelf (and the rest at my house). The bottom shelf, which is not shown, has my textbooks and reading books.

There are three girls dorms for freshmen, and I am the only that's all-doubles (meaning I have one roommate). But by default, I am in the smallest dorm and have a twin size bed that's lofted. I have to catapult myself onto the bed or use the radiator to get up on to it.
My comforter: PBTeen
Good Vibes Sign (Blue LED): Bath, Bath, and Beyond
Clothesline for Pictures: Bath, Bath, and Beyond
Maroon Blanket: Either BJ's or Costco

The lighting is very dark in my room, so on weekends, I keep the blue lights from my sign on. I am on the eighth floor, and you can see that my dorm room is blue from the ground. I also keep up a Providence College hockey flag.

Between my roommate and I's beds, we have our mini fridge/freezer and our microwave. We originally had a television, but we got rid of it since we didn't want to block our pretty nice view of Providence. I bought the microwave from Target for around $35. We keep bowls and water bottles on there usually. We keep cups and utensils in the fridge caddy.

I took these pictures right before I left for winter break because I wanted to post up about my dorm before I come back and inevitably make my side a mess. Under my bed, I have two sets of drawers to keep clothes in, baskets for shoes, and then huge gray containers to keep other miscellaneous and extra items. When my roommate and I are actually living in this room (notice my bags are there), we keep boxes of food by the fridge for us to microwave and such. We also have desks that are against our beds that we use the back of as headboards but is very spacious. I don't usually like to do work in the room because I rather work in the student center, great room, or library; but it does come in handy to have a desk.

On my roommate's side, we have more storage that we use for snacks and drinks, and on top of that, we have a set up for our Keurig. This comes in handy for when the Dunkin Donuts on campus is closed, or it's 10 at night and all you want is a cup of tea. My friends on other floors even come to use the coffee machines sometimes if they need caffeine.

Despite dorming in such a small room, I have made this area my space. I like coming back to the room and knowing I can take a nap or just decompress for a bit. One reason, I try to not do work in my dorm is to make it an area I can relax in and not be stressed. I sometimes will study in there, but I don't do homework if I can help it. My roommate and I live really well together and even coordinated our room to have a theme of turquoise, blue, gray, and white.

In the coming semester, I can try to do more of an updated dorm room tour (with better pictures), but thanks for checking out this post!

What is your college dorm room like if you are at college? or what was it like? Did you/do you have more than one roommate? What is your dream dorm room like?

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  1. Sadly, the college I attended did not have dormitories, but a university that most of the members of the first band I was in attended did have coed dorms. Those dorm rooms seemed nice - two bedroom suites with a common living area.
    Your dorm room looks very neat, clean, organised and attractive. I love the Keurig and the view out of the window. It looks like you have been having been having a fashiontastic year 2019!



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