Saturday, December 29, 2018

What I Received For Christmas *2018*

Hey everyone! Happy Holidays! I've never done a "What I got for Christmas" blog post before, but I do love to watch Youtube videos of what people received for the holidays (my particular favorite is watching Olivia Jade's luxury Christmas present videos). Since I find these types of posts interesting and fun to read; I wanted to also share what I bought or was gifted. I am not trying to brag about the presents I received, I just wanted to share (since I post so much about my life on here). Also, these are just the main gifts I received for Christmas because my stocking was mostly socks, lip balms, and scrunchies.

Green Hunter Rainboots

I've wanted Hunter Rain boots forever, and when my mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas, my immediate thought was... Hunter rain boots! I've never owned rain boots before and that became a problem because I would wear my sneakers or booties in the pouring rain. Also, it rains SO MUCH in Rhode Island, so rain boots are definitely a necessity. Also, they're kind of stylish? Of course, I wouldn't aim to wear them when it wasn't raining, but how cute would they look paired with black legging!?

 Rose Gold "Love" Bracelet

I am absolutely obsessed with this bracelet. I went into a boutique in my neighborhood and saw these bracelets for $40 and begged my mom to buy it. This bracelet is based on the Cartier 'Love' Bracelet which ranges in price between $2,000 - $10,000 based on which color and style you buy. Until one day I can afford that bracelet, I am happy with my own version of it.

 Pink Handbag from Fossil 

My aunt surprised me with this Fossil light pink handbag that I absolutely adore. About two years ago, she bought me a turquoise coach bag ( as seen here ), which I use all the time. She always buys me colored handbags because I just love bright accessories. Light pink has been a staple to my wardrobe lately because since I now own Adidas pink sneakers, which a switch from my usual Stan Smith sneakers. Light pink was my grade in high school's color (class of 2018), so it's followed me to college evidently. I forgot most of my handbags in my dorm room (cons of taking public transportation home) so I will be getting a lot of use out of this bag.

AsaVea Hair Straightener

I have never been able to flat iron my own hair, and that really needed to change, so I finally invested in a straightener. My friend had recommended this straightener, so I ordered it off of Amazon for Christmas. I am super excited to try it/learn how to straighten my hair. It seems easy to use and will be great for me to keep and use at school or at home.

Beautiful Boy

My friend, Nicole, and I went shopping in downtown Manhattan at the Union Square Christmas Market to buy gifts for our parents, but afterward we decided to go to 'The Strand' bookstore. I love that bookstore and of course, I ended up buying a book. Beautiful Boy by David Sheff just became a movie starring Timothee Chalamet and Steve Carell, and now I want to read the book before seeing the movie. Funny enough, this is now the second book I have that has Timothee Chalamet's face on it since I own Call Me By Your Name (a book that I love and will talk about soon). A review on Beautiful Boy will be up once I finish reading it!

Smashbox Palette

My cousin gave me bought me a Smashbox Contour Palette, which I am super excited about! I don't know how to contour my face, but I have watched so many videos on how to do it. I have quite a few Sephora Giftcards and will probably buy some brushes for this palette.


If you celebrate Christmas (or any other holiday!), what did you get? Comment below!!

Christina Madeleine


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