Sunday, January 13, 2019

A Quick Trip to the Met

Happy Sunday! On January 9, I was back on the Upper East Side and decided to go to one of my favorite places in the world...the Metropolitan Museum of Art! My friend, Aubrey, and I wanted to go there since it had been a while, and we were both heading to college soon (only 45 minutes apart from each other!). If you don't know, I used to go to high school right across the street from the Met, and during that time I've fostered a great love for the museum.

 My favorite exhibits in the museum are the Greek and Roman statues, Temple of Dendur, French & Italian paintings, the American Wing, and the Japanese art. In art history class, I was able to learn about the artists and types of art, and all about the time period, they were created in. A fun fact I learned in high school is that most of the marble statues in the room that I am shown in above are not the original statues, but marble replicas of bronze statues that were melted down in Rome. These marble replicas of Greek statues were recreated by Romans. The original bronze sculptures were created in first to third century B.C, but the marble statues were created between 2-5 century A.D. If you ever come to the Met, I recommend coming to this gallery!

 Of course, you have to take photos by the glass windows in the Temple of Dendur!

One of the rooms used for the Met Gala each year is the Temple of Dendur, so technically speaking, some of your favorite stars have been in this room. I love coming to this exhibit because it's super spacious, and has the real Temple that was from Egypt (you can even walk in it), and a sphinx. You have to walk through the Egyptian section of the Met to get to it, and on one of the walls is the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

 I've been to the Metropolitan Museum of Art probably around 100 times between art history courses, spontaneous visits, bringing foreign friends, and events. Aubrey and I have even realized how accustomed we are to being there that we sometimes forget that we are even in a museum. If you ever catch me there you can most likely hear me talking about how crazy it is that humans made this art, spinning around while talking about how cool history is, or trying to make the security guards laugh or talk to me by saying absurd comments about the art. It's all in good fun though :)

Aubrey and I spent some time in the American Wing (and the cafe within it). I have come to this room so many times, and I still never get tired of it. There is a skylight, so we sat there eating broccoli & cheddar soup (we had a coupon!) from the cafe and talking while within the walls of a beautiful museum. Although I wouldn't recommend always coming to the Met to eat because there are a ton of other places to go in the area, it was a nice treat!

Thanks for reading! There should be another post coming up about other things I did while back home for Winter Break. Have you ever been to the Met? What was your favorite exhibit?

Christina Madeleine

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  1. Amazingly I have never been to the Metropolitan Museum Of Art, but everyone I've spoken to who has visited it loves it. It sounds huge.
    I love the photos of you and Aubrey there - you both look pretty and fashionable. Your hair looks beautiful - I love the blonde highlights.
    If I'm lucky maybe someday I'll manage to visit the MET. It looks amazing!



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