Sunday, December 10, 2017

OOTD: Thrift Shopping 11/25/17

Hey everyone! A few weeks back, two of my friends and I went thrift shopping in the East Village and Lower East Side of Manhattan. I've always liked the idea of thrift shopping, but I never end up buying many items. There are so many thrift stores in New York, so I am excited to start trying to find more items from these places. On November 25, I went shopping at AuH2O (Goldwater - located 84 E 7th street) and The Monk (located on 97 E 3rd street). I only bought two items, a blue and back flannel jacket and white sunglasses (now known as 'clout goggles' or Kurt Cobain sunglasses). There will definitely be photos of me wearing the sunglasses soon...(possibly on New Year's!).

                                                                             My outfit
                                       Fake Ripped High-waisted Jeans - American Eagle Outfitters
                                       Black and Blue Flannel Jacket  - AuH2O (thrifted for $17)
                                                             Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers
                                                    Long-sleeved black shirt - Forever 21

                          My grandmother had a huge scarf collection, so my pink roses scarf is from her.

Originally Nikki, Marina, and I went into The Cure (a thrift shop located on 111 E 12th street), and it is very nice in there, but the prices aren't really what we were looking for.  We found a fur coat that was over $300, so we decided that this place was a bit too expensive, but they had some very good pieces of clothing. Unfortunately, we weren't willing to pay those prices.

The Cure has very eccentric items of clothing. Unlike other thrift stores, such as L Train Vintage, they have a certain aesthetic of clothing they are trying to upkeep. Many of the pieces have bright patterns on them.

The Cure had everything from home decorations to sandals to ugly Christmas sweaters.

After going to The Cure, my friends and I went to lunch at Wagamama (located on 210 5th Ave).  We all got different orders of ramen. My order was ramen with tofu, sprouts, an omelette, and mushrooms. We also had edamame and a chicken dish for appetizers.

After we finished thrifting, Nikki and I went to ViVi Bubble Tea (located on 5002 5th Ave). This place's bubble tea is so good. We ordered our drinks with cotton candy on it, and there is a whole order on how to drink the bubble tea. I definitely recommend this place!

I hope you enjoyed this post. I plan on doing more posts similar to this because I love doing different activities in New York City. 

Have you ever been thrift shopping? What places where you live do you recommend?

                                                                  Christina Madeleine


  1. Nice post! I have never gone thrift shopping before as there are no good thrift shops near me just charity shops that have really old things that no one wants. I would love to go some day.

  2. I've never been thrift shopping but I'll definitely try it soon! Hopefully I'll find a nice piece like your flannel jacket!
    aby |



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