Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 Recap

Hey everyone! So 2017 has been a big year for me. Not as big as 2018 will be, but pretty close. Honestly, 2017 has been a crazy year for everyone, especially if you look at the political scene in the United States. That aside, this year has had some good and bad times for me. I definitely did go outside of my comfort zone on many occasions, but I also ended up making more friendships than I thought I ever would. I wanted to share some moments from 2017 that had not made it to my Instagram or my blog with all of you.


I was in an Advanced Drawing Class during my Junior Year and this was one of the pieces I worked on. 

Two of my friends and I went to the Met before a coffeehouse (poetry reading/ open mic), and this was my first time at this museum in the new year.

 Teddy and I before I made it down the mountain during my first ski trip.

                    On my ski trip with my school, my triumph was skiing to the Waffle House at Okemo in Vermont. 

This was another piece I was working on during the month of January. 


 I am still a New York Islanders fan, despite everyone I know being Rangers fans.
My favorite players are Anders Lee, Mat Barzal, and Anthony Beauvillier.

 During a snowstorm in New York, both my friend and I didn't have school so we treated ourselves to Cocoa Grinder (a cafe in Brooklyn), and she taught me how to edit my photos so everything comes out more bright.

 Underneath the Verrazano Bridge in February.

Another piece I was working on during the month of February. 


 Finished product.

 The Met on a snowy day.

Goodman and Chadbourne Oliver at the Studio at Webster Hall.

Vista Kicks playing at the Studio at Webster Hall.

Juli, Jenn, and I hanging out with Vista Kicks post-concert.

 For out Hamlet Project, my group and I had to make a "new" version of the play. We decided to make Rosencrantz and Guildenstern frat boys hence the backward hat.

Sunset from an airplane on the way to California for my Singing Group's Tour.

Selfie in front of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, CA

Connie and I recreating the Titanic.

 Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary

 Smiling while in one of the cells at Alcatraz.

In-N-Out Burger in San Francisco.

 Nina and I at the Grove in Los Angeles.

Alexa and I at a restaurant in San Francisco.
Mary-Kate and Ashley's Star on the Walk of Fame.

 I was super thrilled about visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

 Aubrey, Connie, and In in front of Universal Studios.

 All the girls in my grade that are in Singers with me.

 The Library at Boston College in MA.

Boston, MA

 George Washington University in D.C.


Women In The World Summit at Lincoln Center

Another photo from this summit.

Another drawing I worked on during 2017. This piece is in my school's art literary magazine.

 Nikki and I backstage before performing in our school's rendition of the Little Mermaid.

 I was in the ensemble, and one of my costumes was a maid.

 A flock of Seagulls during the show.

 Charlotte and I in our final number dresses.

 The whole cast of the high school version of The Little Mermaid. 
 Another costume picture...

 and another costume pic...
 Bree and I trying on semi-formal dresses that we didn't end up buying.

Bosco in Orient, Long Island. 


MissGuided ad in Times Square, NY.

Women's Foundation Breakfast.

 Women's Foundation Breakfast. I was guest of my school for this event.

 Just two feminists!

 A dress from the Fashion Exhibit at the Met.

My friends and I before my school's semi-formal.
Bosco in a raincoat.
 Alexa and I at a different school's semi-formal.

 A collage I made that was made up of old magazines.

 Senior Takeover!

 An exhibit at the Met.
 A polaroid during the last weeks of school at the Great Lawn in Central Park.

 North Kingston, Rhode Island.

 The view from my aunt's lighthouse in Rhode Island.

 Junior Ring day

 Group picture (We call ourselves Breen & the Brooklynites)

Class photo in our senior sweatshirts. 


Bluestone Lane Cafe coffees. 

 Post our last final.

 It was 95 degrees out and I was wearing skinny jeans. I immediately regretted that decision.

 The night before our last day of school.

This is right after I dyed my hair blue.

 A staircase in the library at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania.

On the Highline in Chelsea.

Before the pride parade when we were putting glitter on our faces.

Pride Parade in NYC.


Double rainbow in Brooklyn on the first day in July.

 The General Store in Orient, Long Island.

The sunset in Long Island.

4th of July in the city.

My friends and I on a boat in the Hamptons.

 Waiting for the LIRR in the Hamptons.

A selfie I took while recording a project for my internship.

Slurpees from 7-11 on July 11th.

A selfie I took in the bathroom of my internship.


 Mini-golfing at Mr.Tee's in Long Beach Island, New Jersey.

 On a beach at one in the morning.

 Strawberry Banana Pancakes from IHOP.

 Ferris Wheel at Fantasy Island in Long Beach Island.

 Candy Store on Long Beach Island.

Last night in Jersey.

 A sad reminder.

 A photo of my future school right after I had my interview.


 Vegan Taco Bowl from By Chloe's in Williamsburg.

 OOTD from September

 A picture from my cousin's wedding in Long Island.

 Two of my friends and I after we won our field hockey game.


Central Park in October.

 My neighbor's dogs... Bismarck, Helga, and Otto.

 Field Hockey!

My last field hockey that was on our home field.

The whole team..Go Sperymount!

 Sleepy Seniors on Halloween

 My other Halloween costume.


 I met Gloria Steinem with Amelia back in November.

Bosco on the couch in Orient, Long Island.

Sarah and I at our school's women empowerment and feminism student summit that we were the co-chairs of.

The Founder of Affinity Magazine, Evelyn Atieno, speaking at the summit.


 I got accepted to Providence College this month, and I will be attending there in Fall 2018. It was my top school!

 My baby cousin and I on Christmas.

 My OOTD and new phone case on Christmas Day.

Nikki and I skiing at Hunter Mountain, NY on December 30.

My second ever ski trip. This was after I finished skiing for the day.

As I said before, 2017 was a wild year. I hope you liked this very long post. 

Comment below what were some of your highlights of 2017!

Christina Madeleine 


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