Sunday, January 28, 2018

OOTD: January 26, 2018

Hey everyone! It's been 20 days since I last blogged...which is terrible (I know!). January is such a dull month, and I haven't had the inspiration or motivation to blog. I truly do want to be able to have a schedule, but senior year is so draining sometimes. I am currently reading some books, and taking vocal and drawing lessons in order to bring back some creativity and inspiration in my life.

On Friday, my friend and I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art before going to a school event. I had a free dress day i.e no uniform because of senior privileges, so I decided to dress for an OOTD. The initial goal of the visit to my favorite museum was to see the David Hockney exhibit before it closes, but it ended up with me taking photos in the Greek and Roman section. I've been to this museum so many times that it's now second nature to me to have an adventure in there.

Here are my outfit and some photos:

My outfit:
Black Blouse - American Eagle Outfitters
Gray/Black Skirt - Zara (in Barcelona)
Floral Boots- Steve Madden
Black Tights

 I am wearing sunglasses in the style that Kurt Cobain wore, also presently known as "clout goggles." Originally, I bought these sunglasses as a joke, but now I am really obsessed with them and love the look. They were $10 from a thrift store called, The Monk.

Some other photos...

David Hockney Exhibit

Other exhibits...
This stain glass window was shown to me by the six-year-old girl that I babysit, and I have loved it ever since. She and I sat in front of this window and drew the window because it was just so magnificent. I recommend going to see this stain glass window if you're ever at the Met.
I forced Sarah to take a picture of me in my favorite room of the Met wearing my future college's sweatshirt. Go, Friars!

I am so glad to be back into blogging! Hopefully, I will get out of this slump without inspiration soon.

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Christina Madeleine


  1. I have never been to the Metropolitan Museum of Ary but now I want to visit it.
    The outfit you wore to the Met looked very pretty. The American Eagle Outfitters blouse has a pretty print and the Zara skirt looks stylish as well - it looks great paired with the Providence College sweatshirt.

  2. The stain glass window looks beautiful! Love the outfit :)

    1. It's definitely one of my favorite pieces! thank you for reading :) xx



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