Thursday, August 20, 2015

Guest Post: My Summer Favorites

Hello Fabulous Internet!
My name is Róisín but you can call me Ró. I am doing a collab with Christina, her post will be over on my blog Today I’m going to talk about my favourite Summer products.

Lush Face Masks
I have just discovered the brand Lush this Summer but the thing I have loved most from their products is the Lush face masks. I could not say anything bad about these masks. So far I have tried Cupcake, Catastrophe Cosmetic and Mask of Magnaminty. All these masks firstly smell amazing and feel so soothing on the skin but also help to calm down breakouts and make your skin feel nicer and healthier. I have a mini-review of Cupcake HERE

17 Doll’d Up Mascara  
For someone who hates the thoughts of putting an eyelash curler near my eye, this mascara helps curl your eyelashes for you. I found this back in May in Boots. I love this mascara as it does the job of curling my eyelashes and being able to see them with your naked eye (I have fair eyelashes). I think the wand is wonderful as it doesn’t leave you with clumpy eyelashes. Also I forgot to say this is only €8!

Grease Lightning Spot Treatment
This is an amazing spot treatment. I love love love this! I feel better using this since it is a more natural spot treatment than others on the market. I use this as an overnight spot treatment as it forms a layer over the spot and it would look weird with it on during the day.

Maybelline Color Tattoo 35 On and On Bronze
I have already done a post about this eyeshadow HERE. For someone who has oily eyelids (like myself), normal eyeshadow vanishes in 20 minutes of application. But this one doesn’t (YAY!). For me, this eyeshadow lasts up to 8 hours and doesn’t fade which is awesome, these eye shadows are great in the Summer as they don’t budge in the heat.

Rimmel London 885 Too Cool To Tango
I used to be the hater of anything to do with nail polish but now I have become a bit better since I have found this nail polish. Normally what I hate is it takes an age for the coat or two of nail polish to dry but this one takes around a minute to dry. It makes painting my nails anyways much easier as when I’m normally doing it and then I think they are dry, I do something and then there is a crater in it. So this has changed my perspective on nail polish in general.   

What are you favourite Summer products?
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  1. I love lush face masks!!

    Miss Blog|

    1. Yeah, they are the bomb!



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