Sunday, August 9, 2015

Book Review: A Work in Progress

Hey everyone! I've been reading a lot throughout the Summer. One of the books I have read is called A Work in Progress  by Connor Franta. If you aren't aware of who Connor Franta is, he is a 22-year old from Minnesota who moved to Los Angeles. He has millions of followers on Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr. But the real reason he is known is because he has been making Youube videos for a few years and has four million subscribers. His videos include skits, collabs with other Youtubers, and videos that make you think (I'll link some at the end).

Synopsis from Amazon: In this intimate memoir of life beyond the camera, Connor Franta shares the lessons he has learned on his journey from small-town boy to Internet sensation—so far. Here, Connor offers a look at his Midwestern upbringing as one of four children in the home and one of five in the classroom; his struggles with identity, body image, and sexuality in his teen years; and his decision to finally pursue his creative and artistic passions in his early twenties, setting up his thrilling career as a YouTube personality, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and tastemaker.

Exploring his past with insight and humor, his present with humility, and his future with hope, Connor reveals his private struggles while providing heartfelt words of wisdom for young adults. His words will resonate with anyone coming of age in the digital era, but at the core is a timeless message for people of all ages: don’t be afraid to be yourself and to go after what you truly want.

This full-color collection includes photography and childhood clippings provided by Connor and is a must-have for anyone inspired by his journey.

I have been a fan of Connor Franta since he was on the Collab Youtube Channel Our 2nd Life. I find his videos funny and he acts like a genuine person. In his book he shares stories of his life in Minnesota before YouTube. His stories include growing up in a small area, his siblings, dealing with anxiety, coming out as gay, and the adventures he has gone on.  Reading a memoir is different from reading a blog or watching Youtube because you get more an insight of someone's story in more than 5 minutes.

I appreciate nice aesthetic photos because it takes a certain type of skill to get a photo taken at the right moment.

The last pages of the book is the monologue from my his video Life Doesn't Wait (which is my favorite video by him).

Overall: I really liked the book. The perspective of the book was easy to relate too. I like memoirs because you really get to see how people think. Connor's story was one I really enjoyed reading and I'll probably read it a few more times.

A favorite paragraph of mine that is about Social Media from the book: "It's okay to want to be liked. It's okay to seek likes. But it's not okay if you allow those likes to become the foundation of your sense of self-worth, because other people might not be putting a whole lot of thought into the process of liking --or not liking-- your photos or posts. Remember that likes are just numbers-- they don't add anything to your personal value. I know it's easy to get wrapped up in it all, but take it from someone who has experienced all levels of appreciation: None of it matters" (Franta 121).

Thank you for reading. 
Have you read A Work in Progress? What other books have you read this Summer?

                                              Christina Madeleine  



  1. I love connor franta, but I haven't got his book yet after reading this I've got to get it! xx

    1. I loved it! It's such a great read. You'll really enjoy it.

  2. I love Connor! I haven't read his book yet but thanks for the review. I will make sure to get it asap! I love your blog by the way and followed you! Also, thank you for the lovely comment on my recent post, I really appreciate it! x

    Have a fab day,

  3. I have to admit I've not heard of connor, there are so many youtube sensations these days, sounds like an interesting read! thanks for sharing with #readwithme x

  4. I've not come across Connor before! I might have to check him out. It sounds like a great read I love hearing about the life behind the face we see on TV or social media x #readwithme

  5. Iv'e not come across Connor but I bet my daughter has and she would probably love his book x #ReadWithMe



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