Thursday, August 16, 2018

My Trip to the Jersey Shore 2018

Hey everyone! From July 29 to August 3, my family went to Long Beach Island and brought my best friend, Bree, along! Growing up, my family and I would go to the Jersey Shore every summer, but after Hurricane Sandy, we hadn't gone back until last year when we stayed in Ship Bottom (which is on the island). This year we stayed in Beach Haven, which is a very popular area. We also vlogged the whole trip! So you can check out our videos (it's split up into two videos):

Although most of our trip is vlogged, I wanted to share some photos as well!

We were outside during golden hour on our first night, so we took the opportunity to take photos. Bree had gifted me the lovely sun hat. 

There's a restaurant called Chicken or the Egg (also known as Chegg), and we went so many time...but this was my breakfast one day. It is a buffalo chicken omelet. 

We went to a snow cone place, and I bought a "Hawaiian" Ice, which was just super sweet ice that vaguely tasted like pineapple. It was good regardless!

Bree, Jenn (our friend who is in the vlog), and I rented bikes for a few days. One day, we biked two miles to the Wawa to buy breakfast, lunch, and coffees. I ended up having to balance the food in the bike basket while pedaling. If you ever go to the Jersey Shore, I highly recommend renting bikes! 

 Our last night, we went out to eat. The colorful houses in the background are so cute, and every time we always obsess over them. I would love to own the purple or blue one.

That same night, the four of us have a tradition of going to the waterfront in Ship Bottom to take photos.

I know this is a super quick post, but please check out my vlogs of the trip (we put a lot of effort into them!). I just wanted to highlight key moments, but most of the trip is documented on video. Sometimes we think we're funny...sometimes!

This trip was super special to me since I am going to college in Rhode Island, and Bree is going to a university in California. Also, I am so glad I got to spend time with my parents.

Leave a comment if you watched the vlog/what did you think of them!!

Christina Madeleine


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  1. Nice post! It looks like you had a wonderful couple of days. Good Luck in college, I'm starting in September also.



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