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Fall Shopping Haul *September 2017*

Hey everyone! How is September treating you? As you know, I love everything about the Fall/ Autumn. I love the styles, and the weather so much. The only slight sadness is going back to school which means back to studying, tests, and waking up early. But, there are so many back to school sales! In August, I went to the Tanger Outlets in Riverhead, Long Island to get the best deals on Fall Clothing. I go to a catholic school, which means that I wear uniform, I took the opportunity to buy clothes I can wear on dress down days and weekends. Here is what I bought :)

Vera Bradley 

I have quite a bit of trips planned for my senior year such as weekends at my friends' houses, skiing, and to Washington D.C., and I needed a new duffle bag that would fit everything I need. This bag was originally $120, and it was 70% off, which meant I only paid $36 for this huge duffle bag. I love the pattern of this bag, and the colors all go together so nicely.  I can't wait to use it!

Nine West 

 As much as I love handbags, I needed to be real with myself...and get something I'll use more. I bought a cute, small-ish, fashionable backpack from Nine West. I've never shopped there before, but my mother took me there and I was immediately drawn to the backpacks. I can definitely use this bag for going around the city, a day trip, or just to bring my computer and books on a vacation. I like the bag because it's small enough to make the distinction between going on a day trip and going to school. I can also style this with an array of outfits.

Nine West Backpack $60

Calvin Klein

At the Tanger Outlets, other stores give coupons that are valid only for that day. For example, my family and I went to Nike, and they gave us a 10% off coupon for Calvin Klein. I bought a sports bra (with cool back straps), and an "athletic" shirt that's so comfy I would rather wear it as pajamas.

(Kinda) Funny Story: I recently bought a black and white Calvin Klein dress from Century 21 for $50, and I saw the exact same dress but in red in the store for around $90. This has happened a few times, when I found the same article of clothing for cheaper at other places (it's a good thing to shop around).

American Eagle Outfitters

AEO is one of my favorite stores! I can always find good jeans, fun dresses, and cute shirts. First, I bought a $30 book bag for my senior year. I was in need of a good bag to fit my computer and binders. Since it's my last year of high school, I decided that I would go with the bag I found the best, rather than the usual one I always used (it's been through a lot).

AEO was having the buy one get one half off sale on jeans/jeggings. I bought three pairs of high waisted "jeggings", which are more like really stretchy jeans. Honestly, how did the early 2000s celebrities where low-rider jeans! High waisted are soooo much better! I can't wait to where these pants throughout the Fall and Winter.

I love socks! I bought two pairs of shoes on this day too, so I needed gray socks to go with it. AEO has the comfiest socks, and honestly if my mom wasn't there; I would've bought more pairs.

I'm not the biggest fan of shirts with words on it, but I really like this shirt. If you've been reading this blog for awhile, you would know how big of a feminist I am. I am glad AEO is selling shirts with sayings like this to promote feminism and women empowerment. Girls can do anything! Also, I will 100% be wearing this shirt with one of my new pairs of jeans.

 My camera was being annoying, and this is the only shot of this shirt I got (but, there's an outfit of the day coming out with this shirt on!). This shirt is cropped and long sleeve, and has an elastic around the waist. I pair it with high waisted jeans, and it black boots or slip ons.

 This is just regular gray t-shirt with flowers, but I thought the pattern was so pretty. I am planning on wearing this shirt with a ripped denim jacket (from Forever 21 below!).

Forever 21

For me, Forever 21 is a hit or miss store. I can sometimes go in there and find tons of clothes, and other times I'll get only a few items. This time, I bought two items and I am perfectly happy with them. The denim jacket was $32 and is a sturdy jacket. Usually denim is so much more expensive, and I wasn't originally looking for a jacket, so I was pleasantly shocked with the price.

I got a pair of shorts for $12.50, and they are good for just hanging out around the house or pairing with a t-shirt.

Steve Madden

I bought two pairs of boots from Steve Madden because they were having a buy one get one half off sale (which is my weakness when it comes to shopping).

These rose-velvet boots are definitely the cutest shoes I own at the moment. They are so easy to get on because instead of lacing them up, you just zip them up on the side. I believe these shoes were around $70.

Yes, I already own about three pairs of black boots with heels. The difference between those and these are that these boots zipper on the side and is about 5x more comfortable. I can't wait to pair these boots up with dresses and jeans. These shoes were about $90 before the discounts.

Eddie Bauer

Northeast winters are freezing, and I needed a coat that would last me for years and keep me warm. This coat is from Eddie Bauer and was originally $275, but it was on sale and I bought it for around $130. I really like this coat because it's the perfect length and I can wear it over my uniform on the train. Also, there's fake fur on it which is good because I wouldn't have bought it if it had real fur.

Victoria's Secret

At Tanger, the VS outlet was one of my best buys. I bought these two sports bras for $10 each, and a regular bra for $19. Usually these sports bras at least $25, and I wasn't willing to pay that much. I was in desperate need of sports bras for my field hockey season, and VS did not disappoint.


 I'm going to a christening for my new baby cousin in the end of September, and I needed a dress to wear. I've never been to LOFT before, but my mother is a big fan of the store. I automatically fell in love with this dress. It was originally $82, but I got 10% because I asked for a student discount. I can't wait to show you all my OOTD.

Question: What is your must-have Autumn clothing?

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*Note: Tanger Outlets has all/most items on sale, and I didn't get anything for free. This post wasn't to brag at all, but to show you all what I bought. All photos were taken with a Canon Powershot.



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