Sunday, January 22, 2017

I Learned To Ski!

Hey everyone! Over last weekend (January 13-15), I went on my school's ski trip to Okemo Resort in Vermont. I've never skied before this weekend, so it was a very eventful weekend for me. It took six hours to get to Vermont because of all the traffic. My friend and I took that time to watch the movie Shutter Island (I give it 10/10). I shared a room at a hotel with my friends, so the night was fun because we played about forty rounds of Cards Against Humanity.

This was my first time to Vermont, and I have to say it's so pretty. I stayed in Rutland County; it was so peaceful and the air felt so crisp.

There's a Waffle Cabin at Okemo that's on a mountain, and the only way to get to it is to take the chair lift to the top of the mountain and than ski halfway down. As a person who never skied before, it was kind of scary the first day I went because I didn't know how to stop half way down a mountain, but by the second day I was a "pro."

I give a lot of credit to my friends because before my lesson they took me on two slopes to teach me how to ski. They were pretty efficient and I love them for trying to teach me even if I might've fallen twice and teared up a bit (I was petrified!). On the second day, I went on a few of the easiest slopes with my friend (also a fellow beginner) about five times, but my classmates who were more experienced with skiing and snow boarding stuck around to help us out. It was a lot of fun to to be on the slopes with so many people that were willing to help me.

Overall, skiing was so much fun and I definitely want to go again. I bought my own goggles for the next time I hit the slopes, and eventually I'll get more of the paraphernalia. I was so scared to ski because I had never even seen skis in real life. In the two days, I learned a lot about skiing and how fun it is. The best parts about the trip was being with the girls in my class and realizing how amazing friendship is because literally the girls who usually ski black slopes (the hardest ones) took time to stay with me on the easiest slopes. Also, my friend Nikki and I were so proud of ourselves because by the second day we were able to ski by our own. Although this trip was only two days, it will last in my mind for a long time. Next year I'll be back at Okemo (but hopefully I'll ski before then!).

Question: Have you ever gone skiing?

                                                              Christina Madeleine



  1. Nice post! I went skiing 3 years ago when I was on a French exchange. I was very bad at it but it was very enjoyable. There is a picture of me after a had fallen into a huge pile of snow.

  2. Oh sounds like a lovely trip! Vermont looks beautiful. I went skiing 11 years ago (wow I feel old ha) with school, and we went to Italy and it was gorgeous. Would love to go again sometime

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

  3. Lovely post, Christina! It looks like you had a blast. I would love to learn how to ski! x

  4. Ah I wish I could ski, it looks so fun! Love the photos in this :)
    Dalal //

    1. It's really fun! I am absolutely terrible at skiing, but the whole experience was great.

  5. I am so jealous of you right now, it looks like you had a lot of fun on you ski trip !!

    Samara //

    1. Aw thank you! I don't have any photos of how nervous I was, but over all it was a great time.



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