Sunday, October 30, 2016

OOTD: Halloweekend 2016

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in more than a week, I had 4 tests this week! I feel like when Halloween is on a weekday, the weekend before is when everyone celebrates it. Tomorrow, October 31, is actually Halloween, but my friends and I went to a party on Saturday and dressed up. On Halloween, my class is being Rosie the Riveter at school (there will possibly a post about this).

                                I was a devil for the Halloween party, and my friend was an angel.

My outfit:
Lace Up Shirt from H&M - $17 (about)
Tennis Skirt from American Apparel - $52
Lace Tights from H&M - $12
Steve Madden Boots
Horns from Ricky's - $3.50

I don't like to buy costumes from Halloween Pop-Up shops, so it's fun for me to make my own costumes, and of course go shopping to do so.

Question: If you celebrate Halloween, what are you dressing up as?
                                                           Christina Madeleine


  1. Nice post! I love your costume and I find it is much more fun to create a costume than buying one. I was a social (media) butterfly which I have a picture up on my Instagram.

  2. Love your costume, Christina! I didn't celebrate Halloween this year- I just went to party. We all wore flannels- kind of boring, but kinda cool! Lovely post! xx



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