Monday, January 4, 2016

What's Coming Up in 2016? + Goals

Hey everyone! Happy 2016! I am super excited for this year. For one thing, I turn 16 years old. I am one of those many people born in the year 2000, which makes it forever easy to calculate my age. I really want 2016 to be one of the best years ever. I will be doing quite a bit of traveling this year (foreign exchange program!!), and photographing. I am so lucky that I live in New York, and only in the last year I have realized how amazing everything is here. I want to spend 2016 sharing more of my life, and improving myself physically and mentally.

I feel like resolutions put to much pressure on something. You shouldn't limit yourself by a certain date to do something. If you don't achieve your resolution by that day, then it feels like a failure.
Every year I have had this blog I have wrote resolutions, and they have all been pretty much the same (to lose weight, etc..). This year I want to write about goals that I have the whole year  for myself and my blog.

What To Expect This Year On the Blog:

- More Book Reviews: 
          I read a lot because of my commute to and from school. I am a huge fan of fiction but it does vary depending on the book I pick up. A book that I will definitely be reviewing in the next few weeks is called All The Light We Cannot See. Reading books is awesome, and it benefits you in so many ways.

- More Adventure Posts:
           It's so much fun going to new places and taking pictures. But, also it's fun to take pictures of your hometown because what you experience every day is not what others do. I, personally, enjoy reading people's blogs who live far away because it's interesting to see what other people see everyday.

- Food Posts:
            I love food so much. My thinking towards food has been changing, and I have been wanting to try more vegan and vegetarian foods. I am not vegan or vegetarian (yet, maybe one day in the future), but I am definitely interested in trying new foods. There would also be posts from my foreign exchange, where I will be eating food in another country. I am just so excited!!

- More Outfits of the Day:
            This is a bit self explanatory, but outfits of the day are so much fun to do. Five days of the week I have to wear uniform, so the weekend is a perfect time to wear new outfits.

- Random Posts:
             I've seen this on a few people's blogs and I thought it was really cool. Other teenage bloggers (there is a ton of us!) have been posting their writings and art on their blogs. I'm not the best drawing, but I love to sketch and look at art. In the future, I might join the trend and do more rants (feminism?, thoughts on topics?).

My Personal Goals:

-Focus on Getting Good Grades:
           It's so important to get good grades. It doesn't matter if your in APs, Honors, or regular classes as long as you are trying your best. I've had my ups and downs in grades and hopefully this year can be the year I turn my bad habits around and get even better grades.

-Care Less About People's Opinions About Me:
           For as long as I've had my blog (even longer) people have made judgements about me. There was a time period where people, in person, would make fun of my blog. I think most of the negative feedback I've received has been overthrown by the positive comments. Sometimes I don't blog because someone said something that made me upset or I felt down about my writing or clothes. This year I am really going to try to put the best possible content out, and make it more real.

-Get a Body I will be Happy in:
           I remember being twelve or thirteen when I first started being self conscience of my body. I, by no means, am fat or anything of the sort, but I am not super confident. A thing I used to do was calorie restrict, and if not that then I would binge because of lack of calories. I've been watching more cooking videos, and looking into more ways that can make me happy about my body. A goal for me would definitely become fit (I have zero stamina), and healthy. I think it's very important to become happy and confident with your body.

-Become Better at things I love
             I play field hockey (for those of you who didn't know). I truly love playing field hockey because it's really fun, and it's great being  part of a team. The thing is that I am not very good at sports, or running. This year I want to be motivated enough to get into shape so I have a chance of playing on the field (I have never played a full game). Obviously, it's hurts when you don't get the chance to play in a game, but I definitely want to change that.
             I, also, want to work on drawing, public speaking, and so many other things. I've joined a speech club in hopes that it will help me be more confident in speaking to an audience. There's just so many things I want to work at this year, and hopefully by 2017 I will reach my goals.

There are other goals that I have (being a better friend, etc.), but I don't want to bore everyone too much. You know the quote, "Be the Change You Want to See", well I want to be my own change and by doing that I will make a difference.

My first change of the new year was...A NEW BLOG DESIGN!

Now, I want to give a shout out to a few bloggers who are pretty great. These three, in my opinion, will become so popular in the next year.

I hope you all have a wonderful 2016!
Leave a comment telling me all about your goals for the new year.

                                                        Christina Madeleine


  1. I love your new blog design, it is so different to your old one. I too am trying to care less of people's opinions of me and so far it is improving but I have a bit to go!

  2. Love your new blog design, Christina! It looks very professional. I'm looking forward to reading all about your adventures this year. Thank you so much for the mention. It means a lot knowing someone believes my blog will gain some viewers. Thanks for all of your support. Please know that I'm supporting you too. Looking forward to your future posts. We should definitely collab in the near future!


  3. These are great goals! I have had some if the same ideas in the past. I plan to read more of your blog. Hope youll hop over and visit me sometime. Happy New year.



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