Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Summer Lookbook 2014 Part 1

Hey everyone! So, awhile back I did a haul (Check it out here ).  Since I have been so behind in blogposts I am posting a small photoshoot that my gorgeous friend, and I did awhile back. We decided to model some Spring/Summer clothes in May. These are some outfits you can wear at on chilly nights or in the hot days of Summer. More up-to-date hauls and lookbooks will be coming soon…

Elizabeth (Liz) is wearing jeans, short-sleeved shirt, and converse. This outfit is for the beginning of Spring. It's casual and is basically all I wear in April and May.

(She's a dancer so we took some pretty dramatic photos :P )

My outfit is from the haul I did. The skirt and shirt are from Forever 21. Usually I like wearing shorts during the Summer but this year I really like skirts. The shirt has lace detailing over it and I have worn it  with shorts and it goes with many different things. My shoes are just navy toms.

Liz is wearing a "Cali" crop top from Forever 21. She matched it with white shorts. This is a more summer-y outfit since crop tops are very big this year. There are so many different styles now. You can never go wrong with converse with any casual outfit.

The last outfit we showed is a black cami from Forever 21. I put a Brandy Melville flannel on over the camp. Just by putting something over a tank top/cami it can make an outfit look more casual. I paired this with shorts from Forever 21.

I hope you liked this little photo shoot we did. If you want 'better' posts showing more outfits, comment below.



  1. Looove these outfits! The skirt and the cali top are my faves ;)


  2. I'm loving these photos- it is a lovely summery lookbook Gisforgingers xx

  3. I really like the white lace top!! Beautiful!!



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