Friday, May 16, 2014

OOTD: 5.3.14

Hey everyone, I know it has been a while. But, I am going to start doing more posts each week again. This month has been crazy busy for me. It was my birthday on May 8,  so I am officially 14. I will do a post on what I got soon. I also have been busy with school trips and dances. Next month I have my last dance recital at my studio. *tears* I also graduate from middle school next month, so that's exciting. Basically I have a lot of things planned which means even more blogposts to talk about.

This outfit I am wearing I got from American Apparel. This outfit was for a school dance I had at my school. I would post photos from the dance, but a few people would get mad at me.

My outfit:

American Apparel- Denim Circle Skirt
American Apparel-  Striped Crop top
American Apparel- over the knee black socks
Doc Martens

My original plan was to straighten my hair. I didn't have enough time nor knowledge on how to straighten my very curly hair. It came out like beach waves and I was fine with that.

Two of my friends and me just taking photos in the bathroom. The girl in the turquoise will be in a few of my next blogposts because of what we have planned.

The night was a lot of fun. A few embarrassing moments happened but oh well. I got to dance with a bunch of friends. It is going to be so different when I don't go to school with these kids anymore.

More posts soon!

I promise



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  1. Cute outfit. I love the skirt!

    Found you via the linkup. Would you like to follow each other on GFC and social media? Pls let me know if you’re up for it :) xoxo

    Abby of



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